Android Data Recovery App

Losing data from your Android device might be annoying when you don’t find a way to get those data back. Fortunately, you have these Android data recovery apps which are capable of getting back all the files that you lost. There are several apps that you can trust to recover your data. Few steps on Android Data Recovery App listed below:

  • FonePaw iOS Android Data Recovery
  • Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android
  • PhoneRescue for Android
  • Stellar Data Recovery for Android
  • DiskDigger for Android
Android Data Recovery App

Among the various data recovery apps available for your Android devices, one of the best is the EaseUS MobiSaver app. Let us now see how to retrieve or recover data on your Android device using the EaseUS MobiSaver app.

  • Next, the scanning process has to be completed.
  • Start scanning your Android tablets, phones, or SD cards. Look for deleted contacts, pictures, and WhatsApp messages. This Android Data Recovery App process can be done within a few minutes.
  • During the scanning process, you will see that all your deleted files will get listed.
  • Remember that the EaseUS MobiSaver app will automatically identify if your Android device has been rooted before the scanning process.
  • You have to root your Android device first, in case you wish to access much more of your lost data.
  • Once the scanning process gets completed, the EaseUS MobiSaver app will start filtering the scanned results. Now, you have the following three options:

Only display files deleted in a specific time:

Using this option, you can retrieve the files that you lost at a specific time. You can recover pictures, videos, or contacts from a particular time.

We have now seen how to recover data from your Android device using the EaseUS MobiSaver app.

Only display deleted items:

  • If you make use of this option, only the data that is deleted will be listed along with the file types and sizes.
  • Using this option, it is very convenient to target the files that you wish to undelete.

Display photos or videos in setup file sizes:

  • Using this option, you will be able to set up the minimum file size for the files to be recovered.
  • For instance, you can request for the pictures or videos whose size is larger than 150 KB.
  • Before the recovery process, you can also preview the files that you need to Android Data Recovery App.