Broken Android Data Recovery | Quickly

Are you looking for the procedure for recovering your data from your broken Android phone? Well! We cannot give up on data at any cost. On this web page, we will show you how to recover your data like an expert. Now, let’s learn the procedure for broken android data recovery in detail.

Broken Android Data Recovery

How To Recover The Lost Data From Your Broken Android Phone

  • On the Internet, you can find several recovery tools to get back the lost data from your broken Android phone.
  • These tools can help you recover your data whenever your smartphone encounters a disaster like a system crash, virus infection, black screen of death, etc. They can recover various types of data, including contacts, photos, WhatsApp messages, call history, documents, etc.
  • Download any recovery tool you prefer and install it on your computer. However, the procedure for downloading and installation varies depending upon the recovery tool you are downloading. For example, let’s consider the DroidKit data recovery tool.
  • Connect your computer and Android phone using a USB cable.
  • Open the DroidKit tool.
  • On the opened screen, select From System Crashed Device.
  • In the next window, just select the data you wish to restore and click the Start button.
  • Proceed with the instructions to put your Android phone into recovery mode.
  • When prompted, enter the PDA code of your smartphone in the respective field and click the Download Firmware button.
  • Once the firmware package gets downloaded, click the Fix Now button. Then, go ahead with the instructions and put your Android phone in Download mode.
  • Wait for a few minutes until your broken Android phone is fixed.
  • Just follow the on-screen prompts to recover the data.

That’s it. You have recovered the lost data from your broken Android phone. In case you want to recover your data from an Android phone with a broken screen, the following section can help you in that regard.

Recover Your Data From The Broken Android Screen Via Usb

This hassle-free method helps you retrieve the data quickly. But make sure you have already turned on USB Debugging on your Android phone before the screen was broken. If USB Debugging is disabled, you cannot retrieve your data. Follow these instructions to proceed further.

  • Connect your Android phone and computer using a USB cable.
  • The AutoPlay screen will open automatically on your computer.
  • Now, click the Open device to view files option.
  • Copy the files you want to recover and paste them to your computer.
  • Once you have recovered your lost data, disconnect the USB cable.

This is how you should know about broken android data recovery. For further questions and clarifications, reach our technical experts for real-time assistance by utilizing the call option.

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