Chromebook Recovery Unable To Unzip File

Fix Unable to unzip file chromebook recovery issue

  • If the Chromebook detects any problem during the recovery process, then it will not be able to unzip the files. Some of the reasons for this issue are improper shutdowns of the device, battery going dead, or user experiments. If you experience this problem for the first time, then wait for a while and then try to perform the recovery process.
  • If this issue repeats for more than two times, then follow the instructions given below.
  • If you are performing the Chromebook recovery process on your Windows computer, then proceed with these instructions.
  • Close all the existing applications on your Windows computer.
  • Then, reboot your computer in the Safe mode with networking option.
  • Now, all firewall features and antivirus software installed on your Windows system will be disabled temporarily.
  • Launch the Recovery application on your Windows system.
  • Locate and click the gray cog icon on the application screen.
  • Click the Erase recovery media option.
  • Now, all hidden partitions or software causing the Chromebook recovery unable to unzip file issue will be removed from your Windows system.
  • Wait for the on-screen process to complete.
  • Once it is done, re-perform the recovery process.
  • If the Chromebook recovery unable to unzip the issue persists, then check your Chromebook’s version.
  • If its version is 56 or less than it, then update it using the Chrome application.
  • Launch the Chrome web browser on your Windows system.
  • Click the Help icon available at the top right corner of the browser.
  • Locate and click the Check for updates option.
  • Wait for the update process to complete.
  • Then, perform the recovery process and try to unzip the files.
  • If the Chromebook recovery unable to unzip file issue, remains unresolved, click the Call or Call Us button provided on this web page.