Data Recovery Deleted Files MAC

Accidentally deleting files on your Mac is an often-occurring activity. The following are practical methods to Data Recovery Deleted Files Mac:

Method 1:

If you have dragged some files to the trash or right-clicked on them and chose Delete, try the following.

These steps will help as long as you have not emptied the trash and permanently deleted all your files:

  • Click the trash can icon in your dock. You will see the list of deleted files.
  • Find the files you want to restore. You can drag them to the desktop or right-click the file and select the put-back option.
  • Using this option, you can recover the deleted files from the trash.
  • The deleted files will be returned to their original locations.
  • Remember that these files will be in the trash can for the next 30 days only. After that, Mac will delete them permanently.

Method 2:

If you have accidentally deleted some crucial files on Mac, you can easily recover them by using the Undo option. You can make use of this option only when you have not performed any other activity after deleting the files.

  • On the top of your screen, navigate to the Edit menu. Choose the Undo Move option.
  • Else, you can utilize the Command Z quick keys to undo the delete operation.

You can also use the Time machine method to recover the lost files on Mac.

Method 3:

In case you have deleted some files, emptied the trash can on your Mac, and you don’t have the Time machine setup, you can use Recoverit, the data recovery software on Mac. Use this to get back the permanently deleted files on Mac. In this case, data recovery can be achieved from your Mac trash can in 3 quick steps:

  • Launch the recovery application - Recoverit. Choose the trash location.
  • Recoverit will begin scanning your trash folders to locate your files. Now, this process might take from a few seconds to a few minutes.
  • After scanning, Recoverit displays all your recovered files.
  • Preview the target files. Click the Recover button to reinstate the deleted files on Mac.
  • Please find a safe device to store all these files and data in case you lose your data again.
  • Recoverit is reliable, easy to use, and is the most straight-forward solution to Data Recovery Deleted Files Mac.
Data Recovery Deleted Files MAC