How To Fix Dropped Seagate Hard Drive Recovery?

On this page, we shall look into the dropped Seagate hard drive recovery issue.

External hard drives are vulnerable to being dropped from a table, desk, or a similar location where you are working. This is true with Seagate hard drives also. In some cases, the device does not get damaged and functions as usual. However, in many situations, the drive that is dropped is damaged. So, the crucial question that arises now is, “Can I recover all the data from my damaged Seagate drive?”

The simple answer to the above question depends on one main factor --- which part of the hard drive took the hit?

If you just pop a cable loose (inside the drive), you are quite lucky. In this case, you might be able to perform the recovery process easily. Sometimes, the control board in the device gets hit. If your drive is out of warranty, you can try taking it apart and see whether the data on it is readable. Termed often as the “head crash,” the hard drive, in many cases, becomes unusable. Users have complained that after they accidentally dropped their Seagate hard drives, they are not being read by their computers (Windows or Mac). And most users feel that it would be cheaper to buy a new drive than repairing it!

Some techniques to perform a recovery process are given below:

Dropped Seagate Hard Drive Recovery
  • This one is just a preventive measure to protect your data. Have a backup of all the data available on the Seagate drive on a second drive. Remember that having data on a single drive can never be called “backup.” You need to have all the files in at least two or three locations. So, if you lose the data from your Seagate drive, you will be able to retrieve your data from another location. Once again, keep in mind that this is only a preventive measure.
  • The hard drives store their firmware on the same hard disk platters where they store the rest of the data. One of the many tasks of this firmware is to keep track of “bad” sectors. When you drop your Seagate hard drive, if the platters or read-write heads get damaged, that might lead to the formation of such bad sectors. This, in turn, could lead to the loss of data and you would be left wondering how to perform the recovery process. One way to recover the data is by using a trusted and reputed data recovery tool.
  • Yet another fix to repair and then recover data from a dropped Seagate hard drive is by using a donor drive. You need to remove the head assembly from this donor drive and then swap it onto the damaged/failed Seagate hard drive. Hopefully, this step should render the Seagate drive accessible.
  • Now, the drive will be recognized by your computer and you should be able to copy the files from it to another hard drive or your computer.
  • You have now successfully performed the dropped Seagate hard drive recovery