Simple Solutions: Easeus Data Recovery Crack

Lost your important file stored in a memory card, USB flash drive, or an external hard drive? Don’t worry. You can recover your lost files within a few minutes with the EaseUS Data Recovery software.This easy-to-use recovery software enables you to recover all kinds of files, such as photos, videos, music, etc., from your computer's internal storage or an external hard drive. Both the free (trial) and paid (premium) versions of the app are available for download.

Easeus Data Recovery Crack
  • Trial or free version: If the size of the data you want to recover is less than or a maximum of up to 2GB, use the app's trial version.
  • Paid version: If the data size is larger than 2GB, use the paid version of the EaseUS Data Recovery Crack software to recover the data.

On this page, we've explained how to download, install, and use the EaseUS Data Recovery Crack software on your computer.

Downloading And Installing The Easeus Data Recovery Crack Software

Always download the setup file of an app from its official page to avoid installation and other problems when using it.

  • Visit the official page of the EaseUS Data Recovery Crack software.
  • Click on the Download for Win or Download for Mac button on the opened page.
  • Now, the setup file of EaseUS for Windows or Mac will start downloading on your computer.
  • Once the recovery software’s setup file is downloaded, run it on your computer.
  • Accept the end-user license agreement of the app.
  • Install the EaseUS Data Recovery Crack software on your computer by following the prompts displayed on the screen.

Activating The Full Version

Now, if you want to activate the full version of the EaseUS Data Recovery Crack software, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Initially, purchase the license from the software’s official page if you haven’t done it yet.
  • Open the EaseUS software installed on your computer.
  • Locate the Upgrade Now option in the upper-right corner of the app screen and click on it.
  • Now, the Upgrade pop-up dialog box will open.
  • Choose the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard plan that you wish to activate.
  • Type the license code in the given field.
  • Finally, click the Upgrade button.
  • Now, the full version of the software will be activated.

Recovering The Deleted Files With Easeus Data Recovery Crack- 3 Simple Steps

Easy steps for recovering the deleted files from your drive with the recovery software are explained below.

  • Connect the external hard drive, memory card, or storage drive (from which you want to recover the data) to your computer.
  • Open the EaseUS software.
  • Choose the connected drive.
  • Click the Scan button.
  • Now, the recovery app will scan the selected drive and display the detected files on the screen.
  • Choose the photo, PDF, Excel, audio, or document file that you wish to recover from the detected list.
  • Finally, click the Recover button.
  • Now, the selected files will be restored to their destination location.

This is how you can download, install, and use the EaseUS Data Recovery Crack software.

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