Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Windows 10 Download

The Easeus data recovery wizard is one of the most trusted data recovery applications present at the moment. This application will come in handy when you want to recover data from a drive that has been formatted or the data that has been lost, deleted, or corrupted. The Easeus data recovery recovers all kinds of data --- pictures, videos, audios, emails, documents, and other files. It is more specialized in the recovery of data from corrupted external hard drives. The Easeus data recovery wizard is compatible with both the Windows and Mac operating systems.

How to Recover Data from USB Hard Drive

For Windows, the Easeus is compatible with OS versions XP and above.

If you are on the verge of recovering your lost data, you are in the right place, and now we are going to see how to download the Easeus data recovery wizard to a Windows 10 computer and use it.

  • Launch your Windows 10 computer.
  • Open the default browser.
  • Enter the official Easeus data recovery website URL in the address bar and press the Enter button.
  • Once you are redirected to the official site of the Easeus data recovery tool, scroll down the page and you will see the download option for Windows and Mac.
  • Click the Windows option and the Easeus data recovery wizard’s download will begin.
  • You can see the download progress in the Downloads section on your browser.
  • Perform a double-click on the downloaded Easeus application file to run the installation.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the Easeus data recovery wizard.
  • The application will show you the list of drives present on your Windows 10 computer.
  • You can dive right in and perform data recovery on a selected drive.
  • Choose the file type to scan for and click the Scan button.
  • Once the scan is completed, preview the files from the scan result.
  • Select the files to be recovered and click the Recover button. When prompted, select the destination folder to save the recovered files on your computer or any external storage device of your choice.

Follow the above steps to download and use the Easeus data recovery wizard on a Windows 10 computer to recover lost data.