Full Rebuild Of Wd Passport To Get Data Recovered?

Full Rebuild Of Wd Passport To Get Data Recovered

If you hear any buzzing noise from your WD My Passport drive, then it indicates an issue. Initially, try to access the drive and recover the data stored on it. If you’re unable to access the drive or recover data from it, then you have to fully rebuild the WD Passport to get data recovered. The below section explains the same.Note: If you have experience in handling the hardware parts of the drive, then perform the below instructions to rebuild the drive. Otherwise, get help from a person who has experience in it to get full rebuild of Wd passport to get data recovered.

Required Tools

  • Screwdrivers 
  • Bladder extractor
  • Hard Drive Platter Holder
  • Hard drive repair tool 
  • Lint Free Cleanroom Wipe
  • A new hard drive assembly
  • SATA interface board

Steps to rebuild the WD My Passport drive

  • Initially, open the outer case of the WD drive.
  • Next, place the drive in the hard drive repair tool.
  • Get the screwdriver that helps you to remove the screws mounting the drive’s metal case.
  • After removing the metal case, you can find the first slide.
  • Now, remove the spindle from the slide. 
  • Next, using the bladder extractor, slowly remove the first slide from the drive and remove it in the platter of the hard drive holder.
  • Similarly, remove all the slides present in the drive.
  • Now, check whether there are any dirt particles present in the drive’s slider. If yes, clean the dirt using a lint-free cleanroom wipe.
  • After cleaning the slide, place them back into the drive case one by one. 
  • Make sure that the slides are inserted in order.
  • Mount the spindle correctly.
  • Now, mount a new hard drive assembly in the hard drive metal tool.
  • Unscrew the screws mounting the actuator part of the new hard drive assembly. Keep reading to get full rebuild of Wd passport to get data recovered.
  • Take the actuator from the new hard drive assembly and place it in the WD Passport drive.
  • Mount the screws properly.
  • Now, close the WD Passport drive with the metal case.
  • Before closing the drive with its cover, convert the USB interface into SATA.
  • To do so, get a SATA interface board and mount it on the drive.
  • Now, connect the drive to a channel and check if the buzzing noise exists.
  • If yes, then replace the drive's other parts such as PCB, head assembly, etc. 
  • After rebuilding the drive completely, connect it to your computer.
  • Now, open the My Computer or My PC window on your computer and check if the drive is listed.
  • If yes, open the disk utility and follow the prompts displayed on the screen to verify the drive.
  • Once the drive is verified and ready to use, you can recover the data easily.

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