Hard Drive Recovery with MiniTool

Recovering Data from Your Recycle Bin

  • All the removed files will be moved from its original folder to the Recycle Bin. Follow the below mentioned steps for Hard Drive Recovery with MiniTool.
  • You can view all the files inside the Recycle Bin before emptying it. Now, retrieve them to the original folder.
  • If you back up the information on your personal computer on a regular basis, you can recover the files from them directly.
  • MiniTool is a free data recovery software that can be used for recovering all your lost files.
  • Hard Drive is a storage device that can be used for storing and recovering files on your system.
  • Go with the steps provided below for recovering files using the MiniTool software.
  • Start the Recovery module on the system. Launch the MiniTool Power Data Recovery application on your personal computer.
  • Now, click on the correct recovery module from the left side of the screen.
  • Choose an appropriate hard drive from which you wish to restore the files on the right pane of your computer.
  • Take a look at all the files that are retrieved and then choose a path to store them.
  • Now, all the folders will get saved on your desktop.

How to Recover All Lost Data from Hard Drive with MiniTool ?

  • Download MiniTool Power from the manufacturer’s site and install it on your computer.
  • Connect the hard drive into your computer and launch the MiniTool Partition Wizard for Hard Drive Recovery with MiniTool.
  • Click the Data Recovery tab on the Tool Bar and the Hard Disk tab.
  • After selecting the partition, click the Scan button.
  • If the required partition is not listed, click Refresh.
  • Click the Settings option near the Scan button to recover some specific file types.
  • Now the scanning process will start on the MiniTool application.
  • You can pause the scanning process if you have found the recovered files.
  • Click the checkbox next to the recovered items to save them on your computer.
  • Select the Save button and choose the Directory to store the recovered files.
  • Do not select the same drive from which you are recovering the lost files.
  • After saving it, go to the selected folder and access the recovered files.

How to Restore Lost Files from Hard Drive with MiniTool ?

  • Download the MiniTool Power software from the website and install it on your system.
  • Click the Tool software on your system and view the home screen of the software.
  • Move to the My PC or My computer option on the system.
  • Choose the drive that you wish to recover.
  • Click the Undelete Recovery option and choose the drive from the list of available drives for Hard Drive Recovery with MiniTool.
  • Move the cursor to the Recover option and click it.
  • The files start to display one after the other.
  • Put a checkmark adjacent to files and folders that you intend to recover.
  • After a while, select the destination where you wish to save the files.
  • You can preview the files before the recovery process starts.
  • Now the files are moved to the destination folder.
Hard Drive Recovery with MiniTool

How can I Recover Data from Failed Hard Drive using MiniTool Power ?

  • First, download and install the MiniTool Power Data Recovery tool on your system, if it is not done already.
  • On your computer, sign into the official page of the MiniTool, click the Power Data Recovery option.
  • Click the Free Download option under the Power Data Recovery section.
  • Choose a folder location on your computer to save the file.
  • Click Save and wait for the download process to complete.
  • Install the MiniTool software on your computer.
  • Now, open the MiniTool software, select the HARD DISK DRIVE option.
  • Choose the Hard disk from the list.
  • Click the Scan option at the bottom of the window.
  • Wait for the scan process to complete Hard Drive Recovery with MiniTool.
  • Once the scan process is complete, a set of files is displayed on the screen.
  • Select the file you want to recover from the list.
  • Select the files and click the SAVE button.
  • Create a folder on your system to save the files that you recover.
  • Tap SAVE and wait for the transfer process to complete.
  • Finally, check if all the files you have selected get saved to the folder you created.