How Long Does Recuva Take To Recover Files?

How Long Does Recuva Take To Recover Files

Almost all the data recovery programs are efficient in recovering deleted or lost files from devices like computers, internal drives, and external drives. Recuva is similar data recovery software that excels in recovering your lost or deleted data from all kinds of devices. This application is developed by Piriform and supports almost all Windows OS versions. Let's see how long does Recuva take to recover files.

Types Of Scanning

  • 1. Quick or normal scanning
  • 2. Deep scanning

Quick Scanning

This is the default scan option of Recuva. If you want to recover the files that you have deleted recently, then you can use this scan option. You can also prefer a quick scan if you’re trying to recover files from a damaged or corrupted drive.

Deep Scanning

  • Deep scanning is the advanced version of quick scan. To recover more files, you can prefer this type. 
  • Usually, the time duration for scanning and recovering files depends on the data size that you try to recover and sometimes it also depends on the drive size/type. For example, if you’re trying to recover a huge volume of data from a corrupted or damaged drive, the recovery process takes longer than usual to complete. 
  • But, the Recuva data recovery application makes the recovery process simple, easy, and fast. Recuva tries to scan and find the lost files as soon as possible.
  • While recovering files using Recuva, once the scanned files are displayed on the screen, select the files that you want to recover. After selecting all the files, click on the Recover button and follow the on-screen instruction to recover the selected files. Before recovering the files, you can also preview them.
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