How Much Does A Data Recovery Service Cost?

How Much Does A Data Recovery Service Cost

When you experience a hard drive crash or when you see it stop working, it can be an absolute nightmare. Whether it’s your personal or business data, it is a risky thing to lose.

Here enters data recovery. You might probably wonder how much does a data recovery service cost.

  • This article about the importance of data recovery is dedicated to help and make you learn the process and the aspect of how much a data recovery service will cost. Though there are some Windows-oriented troubleshooting methods that help to solve data loss situations, they don't tend to have a long-lasting effect. Our specialists have the right technical mind, skillset, and expertise to guarantee a higher chance of successful data recovery. 
  • The cost of a data recovery tends to cover the costs of research & development. When you consider the service cost, you need to know that it also covers the workers', engineers', and manager's wages. Like any other company, recovery services also work the traditional way to showcase their quality work.
  • We will help you be clear on what you must expect from a data recovery company, and how to select a credible data recovery company. If you are one of those readers who keeps wondering how much a data recovery service would cost, you will know it by the end of this article.
  • There can be a lot of unwanted confusion on how much a recovery service will quote for a failing external hard drive. It can be heart-breaking if you find out that you have lost precious personal memories or business-critical data. You can also become uncertain if spending a lot of money is worth the data you have lost. There are recovery services that will easily cost you the price of a brand-new hard drive as well.
  • It can be frustrating when the data recovery services do not put up the exact pricing structure. There should be a dedicated engineer on call to clear up confusion about pricing. The size of the hard drive, and how much data needs to be recovered, will create an impact on the recovery cost. It does not mean that the data recovery cost is based on how much GB is lost. The main price revolves around the hours spent on the case and how much data can be retrieved. The working time may be consistent, but the turnaround time will vary

There are two types of hard drive failures

  • Accidental Deletion of files (also called as Logical Failure)
  • Mechanical Failure 

Accidentally Deleting Files (logical Failure)

  • This kind of problem can happen in different ways. You might have accidentally moved a file to trash, your file might be corrupted, or you have performed a format on the drive by accident.
  • If this is one of those cases, you can probably recover the information by yourself with a little help from the recovery service. If you have a truckload chunk of data lost, we advise you to rely on a recovery professional. It will save a lot of time and ensure that the files are correctly recovered.

Mechanical Failure

When there is a mechanical failure with your hard drive, the process can be tricky and complex. There are methods where you can diagnose the issue based on the symptoms.We strongly recommend you to be against repairing the hard drive manually. It's best to count on recovery experts to have a seamless recovery of files. With different recovery services, the price range will vary between the standard level of recovery to the emergency level of recovery. If you wish the process to be complete as soon as possible, you can expect the cost of recovery to be higher (since it's going to be a top priority).

The main factors that play a part in the cost of a recovery service are:

  • Expert labor by the hour
  • Replacement parts
  • Quality assurance
  • Professional imaging equipment (hardware and software)
  • Safe & protected laboratory location


  • In case you have a physically damaged storage device, you can expect the price range to start from $300. The average cost for a physically damaged drive is around $1500. For accidental deletion of files, you can expect the price to range within $300. To have a professional recovery for your hard drive, you can expect a range of $300 to $1,000.

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