How to Backup Data Mac Recovery?

How to Backup Data Recovery Mac Sytem

  • The Mac already comes with an inbuilt Time machine for backup.
  • The time machine performs a backup every hour, and the older backup files will be deleted permanently if the backup drive is full.
  • Make sure that the time machine backup disk is connected to your Mac.
  • The time machine backup option is available in the Mac OS utility.
  • The Mac OS utility option is available in the Applications folder.
  • The setup assistant will now open along with the migration assistant asking for details such as keyboard, network. Proceed with the next step for how to Backup Data Mac Recovery.
  • The migration assistant will ask how do you want to transfer your information ? it shows three options
  • From a MAC, time machine backup
  • From a Windows PC
  • To Another PC
  • Select Time Machine backup and click continue.
  • The transfer information will look for a backup.
  • Once the Mac finds the device, click on the drive and click next.
  • The drive will show a list of items present.
  • Select the files you want to back up from recovery and click continue.
  • The transfer might take more time if the transfer size is more.
  • You can also restore Mac OS and files together.
  • Start your Mac and hold the command key + R to startup Mac OS recovery.
  • Select the Time machine as your backup disk in the Mac OS utility window.
  • The backup list appears. Select the drive that has the time machine backup and click Continue.
How to Backup Data Mac Recovery