How to Backup Data Mac Recovery Mode?

How To Backup Data On Mac In Recovery Mode

When there is an issue with the computer, it is essential to back up the data to prevent data loss. Follow the below steps how to backup data on Mac in recovery mode;

On an external drive:

  • Use another external storage drive to save the Mac system files and see that there is enough space to store all the data.
  • Now, connect the external drive to your Mac computer and make sure the system detects the device.
  • Go to the Apple menu on the left corner of the dock and choose Restart to reboot the Mac system.
  • While the Mac restarts, press and hold the Cmd and the R keys at the same time, and release the keys when the Apple logo shows up on the screen.
  • Next, the OS X Utilities screen appears; select the Disk Utility menu from the given menus.
  • Click Continue, after which the Disk Utility window opens.
  • Choose the drive containing data that you have to back up from the left side pane.
  • Following that, click the File menu on the dock and select the New Image option.
  • Now, choose Image from Macintosh HD to backup data from the drive.
  • Set a name for the backup file in the Save As field and then select the external drive storage location in the Where field. Choose the backup file format, and finally click Save.
  • Wait until the backup process finishes and then disconnect the external drive.

On a working Mac device:

  • Connect your Mac and the other working Mac computers using a FireWire cable.
  • Next, restart your Mac. When you hear the startup sound, press the Command & the T keys together.
  • You can browse the system and back up the data on your Mac to the other Mac computer.
  • By using these steps we can execute that how to backup data on mac in recovery mode.
how to backup data on mac in recovery mode