How To Get Phone To Show Up On Ibeesoft

Imagine a scenario where you want to recover some lost data from your iPhone and don’t know how to do it.

The iBeesoft software comes to the rescue.

The iBeesoft application is a data recovery software. It is one of the most commonly downloaded third-party data recovery applications like Recoverit and 7 data recovery. It is considered as one of the top reliable data recovery software online and works on Windows and Mac OS, as well as on the Mobile OS- Android and iOS. iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac can help you retrieve data quickly on Mac devices. It has a highly effective rate of recovering lost and deleted files and formatted drive.

How to Recover Data from USB Hard Drive
  • Make sure you have the iBeesoft data recovery application installed on your computer.
  • If not, you can download the application from the Official iBeesoft website.
  • Open the browser, enter the Official iBeesoft URL in the address bar, and press the Enter button.
  • Click the download button for the OS you are using on your computer.
  • Click on the downloaded file from the Downloads section of the browser.
  • The installation will be complete, and the iBeesoft data recovery application will open.
  • The iBeesoft data recovery application will show the list of drives available on your computer.
  • You will see the message “Please connect the iOS device to the PC, if the device has been recognized, please restart the tool.”
  • Now, you have to connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • Make sure the screen is awake for the iBeesoft data recovery application to detect the phone.
  • You will see the connected iPhone in the external devices section.

Now you can perform data recovery on your iPhone.