How to Open WD External Hard Drive?

How to Open Western Digital External Hard Drive ?

Follow the instructions below to know how to open WD External Hard Drive.

  • Make sure you have a screwdriver to open the drive.
  • You have to open the back panel first followed by the front panel.
  • Pull the back panel using both your hands carefully and place it aside.
  • Take a screwdriver and place it in the sides of the front panel and wedge it out a little.
  • Repeat the same process on all the four sides, and you will be able to access the center part of the Western Digital External Hard Drive.

How to Open WD My Book External Hard Drive Case ?

  • Make use of the guidelines that are specified below to know How to Open WD External Hard Drive and disassemble the Western External Hard Drive Case.
  • Ensure that you have a flathead screwdriver and a normal screwdriver with you.
  • The clips that will help you open the hard drive are present at the back of the hard drive.
  • Locate it and open it slightly on one corner using your thumb.
  • While holding the space with your thumb, insert a flathead screwdriver and make more space.
  • Open the clips one by one by sliding back and forth using the screwdriver.
  • Slowly, take the entire panel away from the center part of the hard drive.
  • You have now removed the case successfully.

How to Open WD Hard Drive Passport ?

How to Open WD External Hard Drive
  • Check if you have a screwdriver with you before proceeding to the process to find How to Open WD External Hard Drive.
  • Make sure that the screwdriver has a flathead.
  • Take your hard drive and look for the clips that are holding the center part together.
  • Use your screwdriver to create a small gap between the clips and the panel.
  • Slide the screwdriver from one end to the other to open all the clips.
  • Once you have opened it, take the center drive out of the panel.