How to Recover Data from a Non Bootable Hard Drive using Minitool Power

How do I Recover Data from a Bootable Hard Drive by using Minitool Power

Follow the below mentioned steps to know How to Recover Data from a Non Bootable Hard Drive using MiniTool Power Data Recovery

  • First, turn on your computer and connect the hard drive you want, to recover to the system.
  • Open a frequently used browser and type MiniTool download in the search bar.
  • Go to the official site and key in your OS version.
  • Click the Download button near the appropriate file and wait till the download process is complete.
  • Run the setup file and install the software on your computer.
  • Open it after the installation is complete.
  • Choose the Hard Disk Drive option from the left panel of the window.
  • The selected disk will be scanned. Wait till the scan process is complete.
  • The next screen will display the list of files that have been recovered from the Hard Disk.
  • Choose the files that you wish to retrieve and then choose a destination folder to save them.
  • Click OK. The restored files will be saved to the assigned folder.
How to Recover Data from a Non Bootable Hard Drive

How to Recover your Data after Boot Disk Failure with Minitool Power Data Recovery

  • The steps to know How to Recover Data from a Non Bootable Hard Drive after a boot disk failure is very easy if you follow the steps given below.
  • Stop copying data to the drive once you find it is corrupted.
  • Here, you can make use of the MiniTool Data Recovery software to retrieve the lost data.
  • To do so, go to the manufacturer’s site and specify your OS version.
  • Download the software to your system and install it properly.
  • From the left panel, select the This PC option.
  • Choose the drive that has to be scanned and click Scan.
  • Wait till the Scan process is complete. The list of recovered files will be shown on your system.
  • Highlight the checkbox near the files that you want to save.
  • Choose the folder to which you wish to save your files. Click Save.
  • The retrieved files will be stored in the assigned folder.

How do you recover data from HDD which is not detecting after boot MiniTool Power

  • First, download the MiniTool Power Data Recovery application on your personal computer.
  • After downloading the app, install, and then launch the same.
  • To recover files from a Hard Disk Drive that is not shown on the Mac personal computer, use the MiniTool Mac Data Recovery software.
  • From the Main dialog box, click on the Removable Disk Drive option and then choose your external hard disk drive.
  • To scan your selected external disk drive, choose the Scan button to know about How to Recover Data from a Non Bootable Hard Drive using MiniTool Power.
  • During the scan process, you can browse through the scanned results.
  • Else, you can wait until the scanning process completes and then select all the data that you wish to recover.
  • Click on the Save button and then choose another hard drive with sufficient storage space for saving the retrieved files.
  • Confirm your selection by tapping the OK button, and this begins the external hard disk drive recovery process.
  • Finally, check whether all the files are retrieved, and this completes the restoration process.