How To Recover Data Files Deleted By Antivirus?

How To Recover Data Files Deleted By Antivirus

It is common for a doc, video, or any kind of file to be deleted while removing viruses using an antivirus software. If any of your important files have been deleted during the antivirus scanning process, then don’t be panic. Keep reading to know how to recover data files deleted by antivirus by different methods.

Method 1: Recover from Backup

  • If you have a habit of backing up your computer, then the deleted files will be available in it.
  • After completing the antivirus scanning, if you find your important data files missing, then look for them in the backup folder first.
  • Choose the files that you want in the backup folder and recover them. Move on to the next methods to know how to recover data files deleted by antivirus.

Method 2: Check the trash folder or Recycle Bin

  • Check if the deleted data files are available in the Trash folder or Recycle Bin.
  • If yes, restore them.

Method 3: Recover data from Quarantine

Basically, most of the antivirus software has a function called Quarantine. This function will automatically isolate infected files on your computer. To recover the deleted files from Quarantine, follow the below instructions.

  • Open the Antivirus software.
  • Go to the Menu section of the software.
  • Look for the option called Quarantine or Virus Chest and select it.
  • In the opened window, search and select the deleted files.
  • After selecting all the files that you wish to recover, click the Restore button.

Method 4: Using the recovery software

If none of the above methods help you recover the deleted data files, then you can use a data recovery software. Based on your desire and the device compatibility, select, download, and install a suitable data recovery software on your computer.

  • Open the installed data recovery software.
  • Select the location that stores the data file.
  • Click Scan.
  • Choose and preview the data files that you wish to recover.
  • Click the Recover button.

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