How To Recover Data From a Crashed Hard Drive MAC

Recovering the data from a crashed hard drive on Mac is quite a simple process using a few troubleshooting methods. The reason for a crashed hard drive depends upon various issues. Some major things that cause the hard drive crash are malware or viruses, overwriting, and file formatting. Follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting methods to resolve the How To Recover Data From a Crashed Hard Drive MAC computer.

Method: 1

  • On your Mac desktop, navigate to Spotlight sear panel and type "disk utility" to open the Disk Utility window.
  • In the Disk Utility window, choose your required hard drive in the left-side panel.
  • Click the First Aid button to scan and resolve the and issue.
  • If the pop-up window appears, click the Run button to confirm your action.
  • Wait until the scanning process is complete.
  • If the Disk Utility detects any issues, identify the error and resolve it quickly.

Method: 2

  • Restart your Mac computer and hold the Command + S shortcut keys while turning on the Mac computer.
  • It allows you to log in with Single User Mode
  • Type the command “/sbin/fsck_hfs -fy /dev/[drive identifier]” and press the Enter key.
  • Now, the FSCK will start the scan and repair your hard drive automatically.
  • If you receive the message "File System Was Modified," run the FSCK repeatedly until the message "The Volume(name) appears to be OK" appears on the screen.
  • Enter "reboot" to restart and restore the file on your Mac computer.

Method: 3

  • If your Mac computer runs at a deficient speed or shuts down unusually, create a backup or transfer the files to an external storage device first.
  • Scan your hard drive for errors using Terminal.
  • On your Mac computer, launch the Terminal app from the "Utilities" folder.
  • Type the command "diskutil list" in the Terminal window and press the Enter key.
  • Type the command "diskutil verifyVolume[drive name]" and press the Enter key (enter your crashed hard drive name inside the [drive name]).
  • Type the command "diskutil verifyVolume/" and press the Enter key.
  • If it displays the "The volume /dev/rdisk3s1 appears to be OK" message, the hard drive is corrupted.
  • If it displays the "The volume Macintosh HD was found corrupt and needs to be repaired" message, then check if you have a backup.
  • Once again, type the command "diskutil verifyVolume[drive name]" and press Enter (replace the [drive name] with your crashed hard drive name).
  • Now, the crashed hard drive will be repaired automatically.
  • If the problem remains unresolved, fix the system consistency with FSCK.

Method: 4

  • You can also use a third-party data recovery software to recover the data from a crashed hard drive.
  • First, download a standard data recovery software that suits your Mac operating system.
  • Install the file and open the application.
  • Select the crashed hard drive in which the data is to be recovered.
  • Click the Scan button and wait until the scan is complete.
  • Preview the files and select the data you wish to recover.
  • After selecting the files, click the Recover button and set the location to save the recovered files.
  • Now, the deleted or lost data will be recovered and stored in the specified folder.
How To Recover Data From a Crashed Hard Drive MAC