How To Recover Data From A Hard Drive That Won’t Boot?

How to Recover Data from USB Hard Drive

In general, you will lose access to your personal data and installed programs/games when you are not able to boot your computer’s OS. Still, you can access data on your hard drive by recovering them. Carry out the solution provided on this web page to recover data from the hard drive that doesn’t boot.

Step 1

Download the EaseUS Data Recovery Software with Bootable Media tool and install it on a healthy computer.

Step 2

Take an empty USB drive. If you have any data on it, move it to another device. Because, all the data on the USB drive might be lost when you create a bootable disk.

Step 3

Connect the empty USB drive to the healthy computer and then launch the downloaded EaseUS Data Recovery software.

Step 4

  • Select the USB drive and click the Proceed button to continue.
  • This will create a bootable USB drive.

Step 5

  • Connect the hard drive that doesn’t boot to the computer. Now, you have to change the computer’s boot sequence in BIOS.
  • To do this, restart the computer and the at the same time, press the F2 key.
  • Set to boot from Removable Devices and press the F10 key on the keyboard.

Step 6

  • Once done, you can run the downloaded EaseUS software from the bootable disk.
  • Select your hard drive and click the Scan button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 7

  • The software will scan all your data from the selected hard drive and display them on the screen.
  • If needed, you can preview the recoverable data.

Step 8

  • Select the data that you need to restore from the hard drive and click Recover.
  • It is better to save the recovered data on a different location. This will avoid overwriting of data.