How To Recover Data From Any Mac?

Data Recover From Any Mac

How to Recover Data From Any Mac

Have you lost important files or folders that you have stored on your Mac, iMac, MacBook, or Mac Pro device and struggling to recover them? We have an easy solution for you

  • As soon as you delete a file or folder from your Mac computer, the deleted file will be moved to the trash folder.
  • The files that are stored in the trash folder will be available there for a specific period.
  • After that, the files will be erased automatically from the trash. So, before that period ends, you can recover the data from the trash folder if you wish.
  • To do it, open the trash folder on your Mac, iMac, or MacBook device.
  • From the list of files, select the file(s) you want. Click the Restore button.
  • Now, all the selected files will be moved back to their original location.
  • This is one of the ways to recover the deleted data from any Mac computer, only if you had deleted them temporarily.
  • What if the data had been permanently deleted? You can use some third-party data recovery software to recover the deleted data from any Mac computer.
  • There are a lot of Data Recovery software for the Mac, iMac, or MacBook computers are available in the market.
  • Download and install any one of the data recovery software that is compatible with your Mac OS type.
  • Then, run the application and perform the how to Recover Data From Any Mac process as per the instructions.

If you can’t find the deleted or lost data by running the data recovery software on your Mac computer, then there is another way to find it out; recovering lost or deleted data from your Mac computer’s hard drive.

  • The Mac computer’s hard drive stores all your personal data and files.
  • Most of the Mac hard drives are easy to remove.
  • Refer to your product’s user guide or get support from experts to remove your device’s hard drive.
  • After removing the hard drive, connect it to a working Mac computer using the SATA to the USB cable.
  • Note: Some Mac hard drive should be connected to the special adapter before connecting it to the device.
  • Now, on your Mac computer, click the Go menu.
  • Select the Computer option.
  • Now, a dialog box displaying the list of connected drives will appear on the screen.
  • Choose your hard drive from the list and begin the data recovery process.

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