How to Recover Data from Broken Phone

Recover Data from Broken Phone

For iphone:

  • If you enabled the itunes backup before your iphone broke, it would be easy to restore the data.
  • Connect the iphone to your computer and wait for the computer to recognize it.
  • Then, recover the files using the option encrypt backup and wait for the backup to complete.
  • If not, you can use a recovery tool that is compatible with the iphone device.

For android phone:

  • If the android mobile’s screen is broken, but you are not able to touch the features, then connect an otg cable to the mobile.
  • Connect a mouse to the other end of otg cable.
  • Now, unlock the mobile using the mouse.
  • Connect your mobile to a wireless network.
  • Now, transfer the files to a computer via bluetooth or to cloud services for how to Recover Data from Broken Phone.

How to recover the data from android phone with broken screen

Using autoplay:

Using mouse to navigate:

Using data recovery tool:

Recover data from broken samsung phone

Mobile is not password protected:

  • Connect the computer and the mobile using a usb cable. This can help you access the data in your mobile device directly.

Mobile is password protected:

  • When the mobile is secured using a samsung account, you can easily access the data. 
  • Connect the mobile to the internet or wi-fi network.
  • Log in to your samsung account on your computer. 
  • Open the backup option from the menu and choose the data you require.
  • If you want to unlock the mobile device, click the unlock menu.
  • You can unlock the mobile if you have a fingerprint lock system and recover the data.

For keyword protected mobile:

  • Connect an otg connector to the mobile.
  • Then, connect the keyboard cable to the otg connector.
  • Wake the mobile screen by pressing on any button.
  • Next, type the keyword using the keyboard that is connected.
  • Now, press enter on the keyboard.

If the mobile is secured using the visible screen lock pattern:

  • Plug the otg connector into the mobile.
  • Connect the mouse to the connector.
  • Left-click the mouse to awake the locked screen.
  • Then, click and slide the mouse to open the pattern board.
  • Draw the lock pattern using the mouse and unlock the mobile. 

After unlocking the mobile:

  • Connect the usb cable to the mobile and your computer.
  • Make sure you have the smart switch application installed on the computer.
  • In the smart switch window, click the preferences menu.
  • Choose only contacts and messages for backup; if not, you will be asked for access.
  • Select the backup icon in the window.
  • If you need to access all the data, then first connect the mobile to the usb mouse using otg. 
  • Turn on bluetooth on your mobile. 
  • Use the bluetooth mouse to navigate on the device to access the data.
  • Go to the settings app on your mobile device.
  • Click on about phone, then give multiple clicks on build number until the developer mode is enabled.
  • Go back to settings window, and select developer options.
  • From the usb configuration, choose the type ptp.
  • Next, connect the mobile to the computer using the usb cable to open the mobile storage on a computer.

Sometimes, connecting the mobile to the computer does not help for recovery.

  • For samsung mobiles, another method can be followed; remove the battery from the mobile and replace it on the mobile.
  • For a few seconds. Press the home button, power button, and volume increase button simultaneously.
  • The phone will engage in recovery mode after a little vibration is created.
  • Now, to recover the files, you can connect the usb cable to the computer.

Otherwise, if you have enabled the backup on the cloud previously, you can open the samsung account to get access to the backup data.Open the samsung account on another mobile device and restore the data.

How to recover data from broken phone without usb debugging

  • When you had stored the data on the sd card, it does not need usb debugging. Take out the sd card, insert it to a card reader, and plug it to another working device to recover data.
  • If you have backed up the data on your google drive, you can access the files from other devices by signing in to your google account.
  • Another option is to use a data recovery tool to retrieve the data from the mobile. Install the software tool on the computer, connect the mobile to the computer using a usb cable, and restore the lost files.
How to Recover Data from Broken Phone