How to Recover Files from Camera Memory Card with Undeletemyfiles Pro

How to Restore Data from Camera Memory Card with Undeletemyfiles Pro

To know How to Recover Files from Camera Memory Card with the UndeletemyFiles Pro, follow the step-by-step instructions given below.

  • Connect your memory card to your computer. Use an SD adapter for this.
  • Make sure that the UndeletemyFiles Pro software is installed on your computer.
  • Launch the UndeletemyFiles application on your computer to begin the recovery process.
  • Select the SD card in the driver section and click the Scan button.
  • Once the scan process is done, select the files you wish to restore from the scanned list.
  • Click the Recovery button. Now the recovery process begins.
  • Wait for it to complete. Check if the recovered folder contains all the data that you wish to recover.
How to Recover Files from Camera Memory Card

How To Recover Deleted Files From Camera Memory Card With Undeletemyfiles Pro

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Camera Memory Card with Undeletemyfiles Pro

If a photo or video has been deleted from the camera memory card, you can easily recover it with the Undeletemyfiles Pro application. Follow the guidelines mentioned below to find out How to Recover Files from Camera Memory Card with Undeletemyfiles Pro.

  • Power up the computer on which Undeletemyfiles Pro has been installed.
  • Remove the SD card from your camera and insert it into an SD card reader.
  • If your PC has an SD card slot, insert the card there.
  • Wait until the SD card is read and then close the Autoplay window if it pops up on the screen.
  • Launch the Undeletmyfiles Pro application and look for the Deleted File Search option in the dashboard. On some versions, it is located beside the Mail Rescue option. Click it.
  • Now, Undeletemyfiles Pro shows the available drives on the screen. Choose the drive that represents the SD card. Click Scan.
  • Go through the list and look for the deleted videos. Once you’ve selected them, click the Preview button to check whether they are the files you want to retrieve. Close the Preview window.
  • Finally, click Recover and choose a path for the retrieved videos.

How to Recover Lost Data from on Camera memory Card using Undeletemyfiles Pro

  • Make sure that the Undeletemyfiles Pro software is launched on your personal computer.
  • Insert the memory card in which the files got deleted and then plug it into your computer.
  • After downloading the Undeletemyfiles Pro software, double-click on the file for launching it.
  • Once the software is launched, the Main pop up box will open on your system.
  • The File Rescue option will be available on the Main screen; click it to know about How to Recover Files from Camera Memory Card.
  • Select the drive that corresponds to your appropriate card reader.
  • Now, click on the Scan option and once the process is complete, the files which were lost in the Camera’s memory card will display on the screen.
  • Go through the files that are listed on your window and then tick the checkbox next to the data that you want to retrieve.
  • Once you have made the selection, select the Recover button; it is present at the top of the screen.
  • The Browser for Folder dialog box will open on the screen. Choose the location in which you need to save the lost data.
  • Create a new folder, else choose an existing one and then click on the OK button.