How To Recover Data From External Hard Drive Mac OS?

When the external hard drive encounters an issue, use the below steps how to recover data from external hard drive Mac.

Restore using Disk Utility :

  • Connect your external hard disk to the Mac computer.
  • Click the Go menu on the top of the dock and then choose the Utilities option from the list.
  • In the Utilities window, select the Disk Utility menu.
  • From the left side panel, select the external drive that you want to repair.
  • Now, click the First Aid icon on the right-side panel at the top.
  • The running status of the First Aid appears on the screen, wait until the process completes.
  • Then, check if the hard drive issue is fixed. If so, the data can be easily recovered.
  • To restore the data in the hard drive, select the Restore button.
  • The Restore window shows up, choose any other disk to make a copy of the data on the external drive.
  • Make sure the destination disk does not have any data, as the process deletes the data that is already present on the destination disk.
  • Select Restore and then click Done to begin the restoration.
  • using these steps that how to recover data from external hard drive Mac.

Use data recovery tool :

  • Download the third-party EaseUS data recovery software on the Mac.
  • Launch the recovery software program, then select the external disk name, and click Scan to search for the recoverable data on the drive.
  • Choose the files and the folders which you want to recover and select the Recover Now button.
  • When the recovery is complete, the completion message appears in the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard window.
  • Follow the above steps that how to recover data from external hard drive Mac.
use data recovery tool

Restart in recovery mode :

  • From the Apple menu, select the Restart option.
  • When the Mac device restarts, press the Command and R keys together at the same time until the Apple logo or spinning globe shows up.
  • After that, the macOS Utilities window appears. If the login window appears instead of the Utilities, then restart the Mac again.
  • Suppose the system prompts for a Password, then enter the required password and click Continue.
  • If you can boot the device in recovery mode, then the data can be recovered.
  • By Using these steps that how to recover data from external hard drive Mac.
restart in recovery mode