How to Recover Data from Hard Drive

Fix: Recover Data from Hard Drive

  • Data can be retrieved from your hard drive using an appropriate software recovery tool.
  • You can use the Command Prompt to scan and fix the problems in hard drive.
  • Connect the hard drive to the device installed with the recovery tool to retrieve data.
  • A physically damaged hard drive is quite difficult to recover; it is better to give the drive to the manufacturer for how to Recover Data from Hard Drive repair.
  • Using the System Restore points to recover the data is another method. But only the system data can be recovered.
How to Recover Data from Hard Drive

How to recover data from any dead hard drive

These steps help you to recover the data from a dead hard disk.

How to recover data from a partitioned hard drive

  • Partitioning hard disk means allocating space in hard drive for the programs; the partitioned storage space acts as a separate drive. But partitioning is not completely safe; there are chances for data loss, disk error, or missing files in the hard disk. 
  • Do not perform any further operations with the hard drive to avoid rewriting of data in the partitions. Later, the data can be recovered using a recovery tool or by giving it to service technicians.Using a data recovery tool, scan the partitioned hard drive. Preview the partition data, and retrieve the data from the partitions.
  • Scan the entire drive using the Command Prompt and fix the errors that are found on the how to Recover Data from Hard Drive.
How to recover data from a partitioned hard drive

How to recover data from a formatted laptop hard drive

  • The simplest way is to use a recovery tool; there is much software available. Some of the recovery tools are Recuva, EaseUS Data Recovery tool, and Disk Drill Basic. Choose the right recovery software, which is compatible with your device.
  • Download and install the software tool on your device.
  • Launch the recovery software and scan the drive, which had been formatted.
  • When the scan is complete, the files in the drive will be displayed.
  • Select the files which you want to recover and choose a destination to save them.
  • If you had enabled the System Restore on your device, there is an opportunity to recover the system files from the formatted hard drive. But the user data cannot be restored.
  • Open the System properties on your computer, under the System Protection, select the System Restore button. 
  • In the System Restore window, click Next to continue.
  • A list of the restore points will be displayed, choose the restore point which you want.
  • Now, a list of files will be shown, which will be deleted. You can also see a separate list of files that will be restored.
  • Then, confirm to restore and finish the process.
  • If this does not help, use a recovery software tool.

How to recover data from hard drive windows 10

  • You can recover the data from the hard drive on your Windows 10 device using the Backup option. 
  • Connect the hard drive from which you want to recover data. To recover through the Backup option, first, you have to enable the Backup option.
  • Open the Settings window on your device.
  • Click Update & Security and then select the Backup menu from the left side.
  • Select the More options which are located below the backup switch.
  • From the given options, navigate to “Restore files from current backup” and click on it.
  • The backup documents window appears, open the backup you want to restore.
  • Choose the files you have to recover and click on the green button.
  • The data can be recovered using the Restore previous version option on a Windows device.
  • On the Windows device, go to My Computer.
  • Now, right-click on the drive, which has to be recovered and select Restore Previous Versions.
  • A list of previous version folders and files which was present in the drive will be displayed, open the folder or file that you want to recover.
  • Move the folder or file to another location to save.
  • A simple way to recover files and folders from the hard drive is to use a data recovery tool for Windows 10.

How to recover data from dead hard drive sata

  • Connect the drive to the computer and open the Command Prompt. Enter “diskpart.”
  • When the next window opens, type “list display.
  • A list of connected disks can be seen, in that type “select disk DiskNumber.
  • Now, enter “clean” to clean the selected disk.
  • Type the command “create partition primary” and press Enter.
  • If you are prompted to format the disk, cancel the request.
  • Next, open the Device Manager and go to Disk Management.
  • Right-click on the drive and select the Delete Volume.
  • Again, right-click on the drive and choose New Simple Volume.
  • Now, specify the volume and assign a drive letter.
  • A drive with a new drive letter is created.
  • Then, use a recovery tool like Testdisk to recover the data from the deleted drive.
  • Download and run the Testdisk software.
  • Select Create option and choose the drive which you want to recover.
  • Click on Intel, then select Analyze, and then choose the search type for finding the lost partitions.
  • Once the process is done, reboot the system. (OR)
  • When the hard drive is having serious issues, and you do not know the cause for this problem, don’t make any further changes to the hard drive.
  • Turn off the device and remove the hard drive. Hand it over to How to Recover Data from Hard Drive a technical service for repair. 

How to recover data from broken laptop hard drive

When the device produces a strange noise, it can be understood there is some mechanical problem with the hard drive. Recovering data from the damaged or broken hard drive is going to take time.

  • Remove the damaged hard drive carefully from the laptop device.
  • Know the type of hard drive in your device. It can be serial or parallel ATA hard drive. The serial type of hard drive has been replaced with parallel in most devices.
  • Now, connect the broken hard drive to a desktop computer; this will act as an additional hard drive. Do not take out the main hard drive from the computer.
  • Look for the serial port on the desktop computer. Plug the serial cable to the computer and the other end to the broken hard drive.
  • Turn on the computer, open the My Computer window and check if the hard drive is recognized.
  • Now, copy the files and folders you have to restore.
  • You can use a SATA to USB cable to connect the broken hard drive to the computer as an external drive. 
  • If the recovering process becomes hard, consult a service technician to resolve the How to Recover Data from Hard Drive problem.

How to recover data from password-protected hard drive

  • You can change the password for the hard drive using Setup Utility.
  • After you switch on the computer, immediately press and hold the F2 key or the Delete key.
  • The Setup window opens. Using the navigation keys, select the BIOS settings, select the menu, such as to set the HDD password or to change the password. If you know the password, contact your support service.
  • Input the new password and press Enter.
  • Then, press F10 to exit.
  • For Windows devices, the Bitlocker Drive tool can be used.
  • Open the Control Panel from your device and select the Bitlocker Drive Encryption.
  • Now, to decrypt the password for the drive, choose Unlock Drive adjacent to the drive name you want to unlock.
  • If you know the password, enter it and select Decrypt Drive. 
  • Select the device in the Boot menu.
  • Then, start booting. A list of menus will be displayed, select More.
  • Choose HDD Erase from the options.
  • Enter Y to proceed. Select the drive you want to unlock.
  • Next, type U to unlock the password for HDD.
  • Again, select the drive you have to unlock.
  • Enter ‘1’ to remove the password or ‘C’ to change the active password of HDD.
  • Now, confirm the action to proceed. To solve How to Recover Data from Hard Drive.