How to Recover Data from Mac that Won’t Boot?

Fix: Recover Data from Mac That Won’t Boot

You have your old iMac that does not boot up and a new one. Follow the steps given here, How to Recover Data from Mac that Won’t Boot:

How to Recover Data from Mac that Won’t Boot
  • The Target Disc Mode lets you start your iMac just like a hard drive. This mode does not need any operating system.
  • On Startup, press and hold T.
  • You will be unable to boot up your old iMac because there might be some key files missing. Or, the files might be hard to read.
  • Target Disc Mode turns it into a FireWire disc. You can access this disc like an external hard drive.
  • Connect the old iMac just like an external hard drive to the new one.
  • The old Mac will pop up in the new one. A drive icon will represent it. You can open this drive icon and also browse through it.
  • Apple usually creates a package that will look like a single file. This is, in fact, a folder that is designed to look like a file.
  • Right-click this file’s icon. You will see the context-sensitive menu.
  • You will find the Open Package Contents option.
  • Select this option. When the package opens, you can see the programs, resources, and your original files.
  • You can also view all your original photos in the iPhoto folder.
  • Using the Import command on your new Mac, you can recover all your pictures from the old one.
  • Similarly, you can recover all your data from the old Mac that refuses to boot.