How to Recover Data from Pendrive ?

Recovering Data from Pendrive

If you delete files on the pendrive, you can retrieve them from the pendrive by following the method that is given below to know How to Recover Data from Pendrive.

  • Download the Eassos Recovery software on your computer from the manufacturer’s official site and install it on your computer.
  • After the Eassos Recovery software has been installed on your computer, you need to attach the pendrive to your computer.
  • Launch the Eassos Recovery application and choose the recovery mode from the home screen.
  • Choose Recover Files from Disk and then click the pendrive on the next screen. Click Next.
  • The Eassos Recovery application displays the recovered files on the screen. You can move the cursor over the file to see the preview.
  • Choose the files to be recovered by clicking the checkboxes beside them and then click Recover.
  • You will now need to choose a destination folder for the recovered files. Click OK.

How to Recover Lost Data from Pendrive ?

  • Using Command,
  • Make sure that the files are not in the hidden mode.
  • Now, tap Start>Run>enter the Command and tap Enter.
  • (attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*) where, g is the location and change it with the letter that you have given.
  • Copy the same Command on the command prompt.
  • Then, make sure that the pendrive has the files.
  • Using recovery software, you can know How to Recover Data from Pendrive.
  • First, open the Command prompt and type the Command given below.
  • ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D H:*.*
  • where, H is the location. You can rename it with yours.
  • After this, make sure that the data is recovered.

How to Recover Deleted Data from Pendrive ?

  • First, download the Sys Tools Pen Drive Recovery tool on your system from the official site.
  • Install it successfully using the guidelines that are displayed on your system.
  • Open the Sys Tools option on your computer by double-clicking its icon.
  • Check if you have attached the pen drive to the computer.
  • Once you open the software, the pendrive will be recognized and display it in the list.
  • Select the drive that you connected. Choose the Scan or Formatted Scan option in the next step to find How to Recover Data from Pendrive.
  • After the scanning procedure is over, the software will display the data that it has retrieved.
  • For easy understanding, the files that have been deleted permanently will be displayed in red color.
  • There are two options for saving the retrieved files:
  • To Save the selected data: Select only the files you want using the checkbox provided next to it.
  • To Save the complete data: If you want to select all the files, then choose the root folder from the left pane of the window.
  • In the Browse For Folder window, select a drive or folder of your choice.
  • Click the Make New Folder button to create a new folder if required. Tap OK.
  • The retrieved files will be saved to the destination folder.

How to Recover Corrupted Data from Pendrive ?

Proceed with the following instructions to retrieve corrupted data from pen drive.

  • On Windows, launch the Command Prompt window by pressing the Windows and R keys simultaneously.
  • Enter the pen drive letter and then press the Enter key.
  • Enter attrib -h -r -s/s/d * .* in the Command Prompt window and press the Enter key.
  • The data is retrieved from the pen drive automatically.
  • The alternative method to recover corrupted data using previous restore versions.
  • Choose the folder which contains the corrupted data to know How to Recover Data from Pendrive.
  • Go to Properties Menu Previous Version, select the data to retrieve, and then click the Restore button.
  • If you are not able to retrieve the corrupted data from the above two methods, use a third-party software like SysTools Pen Drive Recovery software.
How to Recover Data from Pendrive

How to Recover Data from Pendrive after Virus Attack ?

To recover the data from Pendrive after virus attack, read and proceed the instructions given below.

  • You can use the Yodot File Recovery software to recover the data from Pendrive.
  • Download the Yodot File Recovery software from its official site and install it on your system.
  • Now, connect your Pendrive that contains the deleted files to the computer’s USB port.
  • After that, launch the Yodot File Recovery software on your to begin the recovery process for How to Recover Data from Pendrive.
  • On the main screen of the Yodot File Recovery software wizard, you will find the Deleted File Recovery & Lost File Recovery options.
  • Choose any one from the both, select your USB drive, and click the Next button.
  • Now the list of files present in your USB drive is displayed on the screen.
  • Choose the files you wish to recover. Click the Save button.
  • Before saving the files, you can preview it.

How to Test a Western Digital Hard Drive ?

To recover the corrupted files from the Western Digital (WD) external hard drive using the Stellar Data Recovery software, perform the instructions given below.

  • To perform a test operation on your Western Digital Hard drive, follow the guidelines given below.
  • You can use the HDD Manufacturer’s Tools to test your WD hard drive.
  • Open the Device Manager application on your computer.
  • Expand the Disk drives list and locate your hard drive. Now, go to the official site of the WD hard drive and download its utility to know How to Recover Data from Pendrive.
  • After downloading the WD hard drive utility tool, run it on your system, and start performing the test process.
  • Check the status of the WD data recovery software.
  • If you find any error in the application, contact the WD Data Recovery technical support to fix the issue.