How to recover data from WD external hard disk which is not detecting?

How to recover data from WD external hard disk which is not detecting

WD drives are one of the popular external hard disks that enable users to store and transfer a large number of files, and they also come up with WD utility, which enhances your PC to access the drive content. If you find that your WD external hard disk is not being detected on your computer, then your data may be at risk. Let us see how to detect your WD external hard disk and recover files from it.

Steps to detect WD external hard disk

  • If you want to restore the files from your WD external hard disk which is not detected, then the first step is to discover the hard disk on your PC.
  • Try restarting your PC and connect your WD external hard disk before trying any other troubleshooting method. Sometimes restarting helps to detect your external hard disk on your computer.
  • WD external hard disk may not be detected due to a fault in the USB cable. So try to disconnect the USB cable and reconnect it to another USB port which may help resolve the issue of not detecting. If the problem persists, try connecting with another USB cable.
  • Sometimes, if two drives interrupt each other, then it may cause such an issue. So try changing the drive letter. Go to the Start menu, right-click on the My Computer icon, and select Manage. Select Disk management and right-click on your WD external drive. Then select Change drive letter and paths. Assign a new drive letter and click Save. Now make sure the WD external drive gets detected.
  • If the above methods don’t work, then try formatting your WD external hard drive. Make sure to back up all the files before formatting. Go to the Disk Management, select your WD external hard drive, and right-click on the unallocated space to select New simple volume. Provide the required details in the boxes and click Process a quick format and select Yes to confirm formatting. Wait until the formatting takes place, and now make sure your external device is getting detected.

Steps to recover data from WD external hard disk using WD Backup

  • Open the WD Backup utility on your PC.
  • Select the Restore tab from the top of the utility page.
  • Select your WD external hard disk to restore the data from where the backup is saved.
  • Click Next after selecting the external disk.
  • Choose the location where the files are to be restored and click the Select files to restore option.
  • Select the files to be restored from the list and click the Restore option.
  • Wait until the restore process gets complete.
  • Click Close to complete the restoring process using WD Backup.