How To Recover Deleted Files On Pc Windows 10?

 Recover Deleted Files On Pc Windows 10

The deleted files can be recovered using various methods on a Windows 10 computer. If you have accidentally deleted any file, you can recover it from the Recycle Bin. But if the Recycle Bin has been emptied, you can recover deleted files on Pc Windows 10 using the quick steps given below.

Method 1: Recovering Deleted Files From Recycle Bin

  • On your Windows 10 computer, give a double-click on the Recycle Bin shortcut icon on the desktop.
  • Once the Recycle Bin window is launched, select the files you wish to recover using the Ctrl + Shift keys.
  • Give a right-click on the selected files and select the Restore option to restore them to the original location.
  • Alternatively, click the Restore the selected items button at the top of the window after selecting your files.
  • Once the restoration is completed, verify it by visiting the original location.

Method 2: Recovering Data Using The Previous Versions

People usually have the habit of emptying the Recycle Bin. So, how could you recover your data if you have emptied the Recycle Bin? To overcome this problem, you can recover your deleted files by restoring the computer to an earlier point.

  • On your Windows 10 computer, make sure that you have set up File History to back up files automatically.
  • Right-click the folder in which you had the permanently deleted files.
  • Select the Restore previous versions option and choose your deleted files from the displayed list.
  • After selecting the files, click the Restore button.

Method 3: Using A Trusted Data Recovery Software

  • First, download and install a trusted data recovery software on your Windows 10 computer.
  • After completing the installation process, run the software and choose the file type you wish to recover.
  • Next, click the Scan button to scan your computer.
  • Wait until the scan is completed.
  • After completing the scan, select the files you wish to recover and click the Recover button.
  • Now, the deleted files will be recovered on your computer. If you need remote assistance to recover deleted files on Pc Windows 10, contact our technical experts.