How To Recover Deleted Files On Pc Windows 8

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Method 1 - Recovering deleted files from recycle bin

  • Double-click the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop of your Windows 8 computer.
  • Search for the deleted files, select and right-click them, and choose the Restore option.
  • The selected files will be moved to the respective original locations.
  • If the deleted files are not available in the Recycle Bin folder, carry out any one of the methods given below to restore the deleted files on the Windows 8 computer.

Method 2 - Recovering deleted files from File History

To prefer this method, you have to enable the Back and Restore feature on the Windows 8 computer.

  • By doing so, you will create a backup of all the content at the scheduled time interval.
  • To recover the deleted files from File History, navigate to the search bar and click Settings.
  • Type Backup and click the ‘Restore your Files with File History’ option.
  • Now, you will see the backup content on the screen.
  • Select the files that you need to restore and click the green icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • The restored files will be sent to the respective original locations on the Windows 8 computer.

Method 3 - Recovering deleted files by restoring the previous version

To follow this method, you have to enable the backup feature already.

  • Select the Computer option from the Start menu, right-click the file location, and choose the Restore previous versions option.
  • Select the deleted file from the displayed list, click it, and drag it to another folder on the Windows 8 computer.

Method 4 - Recovering files using the third-party data recovery software

The deleted files are not available in the Recycle Bin folder, and you have not enabled the backup option previously. In this scenario, you have to use any third-party data recovery software like iBeesoft Data Recovery or EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

  • Download the data recovery software from the manufacturer website and install it on the Windows 8 computer.
  • Open the main interface of the software, select your file type, and mention the location from which the files were deleted.
  • Once you click the Scan option, the data recovery software scans the specified location and shows the result on the screen.
  • If necessary, preview the files.
  • Select the files to be restored and click the Recover option.