How To Recover Deleted Files Using File History?

Recover Deleted Files Using File History

Recover deleted files using file history - The Windows 10 OS now has a backup program called File History and this saves all the files you have created. File History does not back up the apps and programs since they can be reinstalled. But files like photos, videos, and other documents can never be recovered easily. So, to keep your files safe, File History tends to keep a copy of each and every file present in the Music, Documents, Videos, and Pictures folders. The update happens on an hourly basis. These backup files are so easy to view and restore and also allows you to navigate through different versions.

Steps To Recover

  • Initially, you have to enable File History on your Windows 10 computer. This can be done by carrying out the below steps.
  • Click the Windows icon, type File history in the search bar, and press the Enter key on the keyboard.
  • Select a drive or choose a network you want to use.
  • Now, you can easily enable or Turn on File History.
  • Once File History is enabled, click the Windows icon once again.
  • Click the Settings option.
  • Select the Update & Security option in the Settings window.
  • Click Backup from the left pane and then click on More Options seen in the main window.
  • You will quickly see the File History backup window with a list of folders.
  • Select the File or Folder you want to restore and then click the Green arrow (Restore) button at the bottom of the page.
  • Select Restore To. And then select the destination to where you want to save the restored files. If you need remote assistance to recover deleted files using file history, click the call button.