How to Recover Deleted Photo on Mac OS X with Disk Drill ?

Recovering Deleted Photo on Mac OS X With Disk Drill?

Nowadays, we store thousands of photos & videos on our smartphones and other devices. However, it is a great loss when we accidentally delete the photos stored on the device. Disk Drill application can assist you to Recover Deleted Photo on Mac OS X. It can also recover deleted music on your iPad, iPhone, and Mac computers. Disk Drill is an optimal software for recovering photos in JPG, TIFF, and RAW formats.

How do I Retrieve Deleted Pictures from My Mac

  • To retrieve deleted pictures from your Mac computer with Disk Drill, follow the steps given below.
  • Download the Disk Drill application on your Mac computer from the manufacturer’s site.
  • Open the Downloads folder and locate the diskdrill.dmg file in it.
  • Drag the Disk Drill software and drop it in the Application folder.
  • Proceed to install the Disk Drill application by following the on-screen prompts.
  • Don't modify any of the default settings and enter your computer’s password when prompted.
  • Allow access to the Disk Drill application to scan your drive.
  • When it asks to upgrade the application, click No, Thanks. Basic Edition is OK.
  • If you are unable to locate the deleted file, you can proceed with upgrading to Pro.
  • A list of drives will appear on the screen.
  • Select the drive that you want to scan and click the Recover button next to it to Recover Deleted Photo on Mac OS X with Disk Drill.
  • Now, Disk Drill will perform its scanning methods to recover the files.
  • If all the methods fail, you can select the Deep Scan feature.
  • After scanning, a list of recovered files displays on the screen.
  • Select the checkbox next to the file that you want to recover.
  • Choose the file location where you want to store the recovered file.

How can I Recover Deleted Photos from My Mac After 30 Days?

  • Before you start the process, quit all the active applications on your Mac computer.
  • Launch the Software and select the drive from which you want to Recover Deleted Photo on Mac OS X with Disk Drill.
  • Clicking the drive name will display each partition present in it.
  • Select Extras next to the chosen partition and click Remount Volume as Read Only.
  • Click Rebuild or Recover and wait for the scan to complete. If you have many files, it could take several hours.
  • You can also pause the scan any time by clicking the Stop button.
  • A list of recovered files will appear on the screen.
  • Your scan results will be automatically saved. You can even keep a copy of the scan results to another folder by selecting Save Session.
  • Filter the scan results using the file name, date, or type.
  • If the above instructions did not work, upgrade the version of Disk Drill.
  • Once you restore the files using Disk Drill Pro, click Mount Found Items as Disk.
  • Select the location to store the scan results and you will notice a drive icon appearing in it.
  • Double-click on the drive icon and select the files that you need.
  • Drag the required files to the preferred location.

How to Restore Permanently Deleted Files with Disk Drill ?

How to Recover Data from the Corrupted or Crashed Hard Drive ?

  • There can be scenarios where you might delete your data accidentally. In such cases, you need a tool to recover the data that you have lost.
  • Data can also be deleted from your hard drive, or it can crash due to malware entering the disk.
  • All your important files will have to be recovered in such cases. So, you can make use of disk drill to do so.
Recover Deleted Photo on Mac OS X
  • It supports all file types and has numerous recovery algorithms that are based on the current trend.
  • Below-given are the steps that will help you retrieve your lost data in a few minutes. This is very accurate.
  • You should download the disk drill software and install it on your system. Download it based on the type of OS you have.
  • Software files are available separately for Windows and Mac OS.
  • Once installed, open the disk drill software on your device. Choose the hard disk that has crashed and press the Recover button.
  • Perform a deep scan as soon as the retrieved files are displayed on your screen.
  • In the end, a report that is provided by the disk drill software displays the details of files found.
  • Click the Recover button again to Recover Deleted Photo on Mac OS X with Disk Drill.