How to Recover Excel File

Recover Excel File

Excel files get lost due to sudden power loss on computers, corrupted files, viruses and malware attacks, and also when failed to save.You can how to Recover Excel File in many ways such as restoring from recycle bin, restoring using autorecovery option, recovering from backup,etc.,The latest version of microsoft provides the autorecovery settings to save the data on excel automatically based on the set interval.To activate the autorecovery, you must save the file at least once.

How to Recover Unsaved Excel File

You can recover the unsaved excel files from the autorecovery option that is available in microsoft by default.But if you wish to recover the data from the autorecovery, you must have saved the data once.Follow these steps to recover the unsaved excel file:

  • Open microsoft excel and navigate to the file tab that is available on the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Click on the file tab select open from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the recent workbooks option and scroll down to the bottom to select recover unsaved workbooks.
  • Go through the displayed list and search for the file that needs to be recovered.
  • Give a double-click on the selected file to open it on the excel.
  • Now, save the file to avoid loss of data.

You can configure the autorecover settings to avoid the loss of data in the future.Follow these steps to configure the autorecover settings in excel:

  • Select the file tab and click options.
  • Click on the save tab and prepare the autorecover settings.
  • Select both the 'save autorecover information every ten minutes' and 'keep the last auto recovered version if i close without saving' checkboxes. 
  • The default set interval is ten minutes, but you can customize the time interval based on your wish.
  • Now, whenever you enter the new data on excel, it will automatically save the file at set intervals.

How to recover deleted excel files

Follow these steps to recover the deleted excel files from recycle bin:

  • On your windows desktop, navigate to the start menu.
  • Type 'recycle bin' in the search box to open the recycle bin.
  • Else, locate the recycle bin on the desktop and give a double-click on the icon to open it.
  • Search for the deleted excel file name and right-click on the file.
  • Select the restore option to how to Recover Excel File and store it back in the original file location. 

Sometimes, the excel file will get deleted accidentally. At that time, you can press ctrl + z to undo the action. You can also recover the data using the previous version feature. But this method can be used only when the windows backup feature is enabled on your device.Carry out these steps to recover excel files from the previous version:

  • Navigate to the folder in which the data gets stored regularly.
  • Give a right-click to choose the properties option.
  • Select the previous version tab to view the list of the previously stored versions of excel files.
  • Select the appropriate version and click on the restore option to recover the deleted excel file. 

Recover corrupted excel file

The microsoft excel software will automatically run the file recovery mode when it detects a corrupted file. It automatically detects and makes attempts to repair the corrupted file. Follow these steps if it fails to detect or run the file recovery mode:

If you are unable to access the repair option, select extract data to extract all the values and formulas from the workbook.You can also recover the data by reverting the workbook to the previous version when it is opened in excel.

Note that the steps below are applicable only in the case when the file gets corrupted while working on it and is still open.

If you aren't able to open the workbook in the excel, follow these steps How to Recover Excel File:

Recover overwritten excel file

If your excel file on microsoft excel 2010 or 2013 is overwritten, you can recover the data from the older version of the document.Carry out these steps to recover the overwritten excel file:

  • Open  microsoft excel and navigate to the  file tab.
  • Select info under the file tab and click manage versions.
  • Now, the list of all versions of the file that were autosaved by the excel gets displayed.
  • After saving the current version, the previous versions that were autosaved by excel will disappear.
  • Create a backup to save the excel file.
  • Click on the file tab and select the 'save as' option.
  • Select the tools button from the bottom of the new window.
  • Choose general options under the tools menu.
  • Select the always create backup checkbox from the new window.
  • Now, the excel files will get automatically backed up with .xlk file extension.

If you still have a problem with how to Recover Excel File, contact our technical team. 

How to Recover Excel File