How To Recover Facebook Password?

Forgetting the complex password you created for security purposes is pretty usual. In the case of Facebook, you can't precisely recover the same password, but you can recover your account and reset your password. Refer to the steps below to recover Facebook password easily.

Facebook extends a simple and easy way to recover your account. Perform the following methods to recover your Facebook password.

  • Open Facebook on desktop or Facebook mobile app.
  • After unsuccessful login attempts, Facebook displays the recover your account button under the password field. You have to click on the recover your account button.
  • Enter your registered email or phone number or your Facebook username on the search field and then click search.
  • Facebook finds a match and will show you the result. 
  • Click the this is my account button. You may be shown different options to reset your password. Choose any one method from the list and click the Continue button.
Recover Facebook Password

By Using A Google Account To Log In

  • Under the pop-up window, click on your Gmail account and enter your account password.
  • Create a new password and click Apply.

By Sending Code Via Email

  • Open your registered email account and open the reset request mail.
  • Click on the Change password button or Click here to change your password link.
  • The screen will prompt you to create a new password.
  • Create a new password and click Apply.
  • After successfully resetting your password, Facebook gives you options to stay logged in or log out of other devices.
  • Choose to stay logged in if you don't want to hassle signing in again on other devices.
  • By choosing to log out of other device options, you must sign in to the account using your new password.
  • Contact us if you're stuck anywhere while you recover Facebook password.