How To Recover Facebook Password Without Email And Phone Number

How To Recover Facebook Password Without Email And Phone Number

Imagine attempting to log in to your Facebook account, and you have forgotten your password. Fortunately, there are numerous ways in which you can recover your password.The common ones are by using your login email and the registered phone number. There are other simple steps to recover your Facebook password are as follows,


Login With An Alternate Email Address Or Phone Number

  • When you created your account, Facebook would prompt you to enter a secondary email address if situations like these occur.
  • You can enter your secondary email address in the field.
  • Click the forgot password listed at the bottom of the password field.
  • You can let Facebook send a proxy password to the secondary email address.
  • Now, login to the secondary email. You will find a redirect link to Facebook where you will be prompted to enter a new password and one more field where you enter the same new password for confirmation.
  • Once you have logged in to your Facebook account, you can secure the account by enabling the two-step verification.
  • Click Settings> Security and Login and implement the two-step verification.

Find Account with Username or Name

  • Facebook has another strategy to recover your password.
  • You will find the Find Your Account option.
  • Facebook will partially open the homepage and display a search bar.
  • Please enter your username or the name you use for Facebook and click this is my account by choosing your Profile Photo.
  • Now, you can reset your password by following the on-screen instructions and regain access to your Facebook account.

Use Trusted Contacts To Recover Your Account