How to Recover Files from Corrupted Memory Card - PhotoRec

Use PhotoRec to Recover Files From Corrupted Memory Card

  • The PhotoRec has in-built algorithms that identify the file formats and recover them.
  • To know How to Recover Files from Corrupted Memory Card with PhotoRec, first, you need to download the application from the official site.
  • Make sure that the installer is compatible with your OS.
  • How to Recover Files from Corrupted Memory Card
  • Install the application and launch it by clicking on its icon.
  • Use an external card reader to connect the corrupted memory card to your PC.
  • Locate the disk in the home screen of PhotoRec.
  • Select the type of File System if you are aware of it. Else select the Free mode to scan the available space on the card.
  • To scan the entire space on the card, select the Whole option.
  • Head to the Please Select Destination Menu and select the location where you want to save the recovered file.
  • Select the File Format option to choose the type of file that you want to retrieve from the corrupted memory card.
  • Wait for some time after clicking the Search option to know How to Recover Files from Corrupted Memory Card with PhotoRec.
  • The software starts to scan files by its signatures.
  • Once the scanning process is complete, the results will be saved to the destination you selected.
  • Open the recovered file to check if it has been retrieved completely.

Recovered Files From Memory Card with PhotoRec are Corrupted

  • You can recover the files from a memory card using the PhotoRec software.
  • Mention the disk drive, scan type, file format, and the file destination in the application to retrieve your file.
  • Once the file is restored, open them to check if they are downloaded properly.
  • At times, the files that you have restored from the memory card using the PhotoRec may be corrupted.
  • This instance occurs mainly because the new data overwrites the files. Hence avoid restoring the file to the same folder from where you have lost them.
  • In case of a memory card, you can save the retrieved file in any of the drives synced to your PC and then transfer it into your memory card.
  • Wait until the file is completely downloaded. Do not launch the file before the process is complete to start the process of How to Recover Files from Corrupted Memory Card with PhotoRec.
  • The power shut down, virus attack, mistaken operation, system crashes at the time of recovery may also lead to such issues.
  • Try the recovery process again to restore the files. If the same issue persists, then use a third-party tool to repair the corrupted files.

How to Recover Photo Files From a Corrupted Memory Card with PhotoRec?

How to Recover Deleted Photos from a Corrupted Memory Card using PhotoRec?

  • Download the PhotoRec software from a trusted site. Make sure that you downloaded the latest version.
  • Installing the application is not as difficult as in installing other apps. Extract the files and save it on your hard drive.
  • In the TestDisk folder, double click on the PhotoRec option to run the program.
  • Connect the device that holds your corrupted memory card to the computer via a USB cable.
  • Remove the memory card from the device, insert it into a memory card reader, and connect it to your PC to get to know How to Recover Files from Corrupted Memory Card with PhotoRec.
  • Once the application launches, choose the disk from which you want to recover the data.
  • Make use of the navigation keys to make a selection.
  • Select the partition from which you want to retrieve the file in case multiple partitions are displayed on the disk. Since memory cards aren’t partitioned, you can skip this step.
  • The next screen allows you to set your options. Usually, this step is left default, since we need to recover files from a corrupted memory card, skipping this step is not recommended.
  • Enable the Brute Force option to know How to Recover Files from Corrupted Memory Card with PhotoRec.
  • Specify the File Types if you know them, else leave the selection as default. The application will recognize the file easily if the format of the file is mentioned.
  • Mention the File System type the memory card has. If the results aren’t satisfactory, then try scanning from other file systems.
  • The application provides you with two options for space analyzing.
  • For a corrupt memory card, it is better to choose the Whole option.
  • Finally, select the destination folder on your computer to save the retrieved files.
  • Make sure you do not save them on the memory card. You can transfer them later to an SD card from the computer.
  • Wait until the application updates the scan results.
  • Go to the directory where the files are retrieved after the scanning is complete and check if the files restored are undamaged.