How to Recover Files from Hard Drive with EaseUs ?

How to Recover Files from Hard Drive ?

  • Recovering files using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is very easy.
  • It is a highly reliable software that can be used to recover the files that have been lost from your hard disk.
  • Launch your default browser and visit the manufacturer’s site. Key in your OS version to know How to Recover Files from Hard Drive with EaseUs.
  • This software is available for both Windows and Mac.
  • Select the Download option and install the software using the prompts displayed.
  • Make sure your hard drive is connected to the computer via a USB cable. default
  • Open the EaseUS interface once the installation is over. The list of drives recognized will be displayed on your screen.
  • Select the hard drive that has to be scanned for the missing files. Tap the Scan button.
  • Wait till the recovery process is over. The files will be displayed on your screen.
  • Make use of the textboxes available near the files to select it.
  • Check the Extra default Files tab for lost the files. You can also use the Filter option to filter by file formats.
  • Choose a destination folder for the recovered files to be saved.
  • Wait till the files are stored there. Access the destination folder after a few minutes to check if the files are present.

How to Recover the Deleted Files from a Hard Drive ?

To know How to Recover Files from Hard Drive with EaseUs, follow the step-by-step instructions given below.

How to Restore Lost Files from Hard Drive ?

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Hard Drive

Refer to the following steps to recover the permanently deleted files from the hard drive in the Windows system.

  • Verify your recent backup and restore all the permanently deleted files that are deleted.
  • Open Control Panel on your computer.
  • Select System and Maintenance --> Backup and Restore.
  • Choose the Restore My Files option to know How to Recover Files from Hard Drive with EaseUs. The files will be restored on your computer.
  • Carry out the following steps to restore deleted document on Windows system.
  • Right-click the folder which includes the deleted files.
  • Click Restore Previous Versions.
  • Select Restore or Drag & Drop the desired version at any location on your computer.
  • You can also make use of a File Recovery software to recover the deleted files.

How to Recover Deleted Folders from Hard Drive ?

Follow the recovery guidelines mentioned below to recover deleted folders from your hard drive.

  • Check whether the folder is in the recycle bin and try to recover it from there. If not, follow the guidelines given below.
  • Select the hard drive where the folder was deleted from or choose the exact path where your folder was lost in the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard window.
  • Now, click the blue Scan button with the magnifying glass icon.
  • Wait until the EaseUS application displays the scan results.
  • Click the checkbox next to the lost folder which is displayed on the scan list and then click Recover.
  • Choose the path on the computer or external hard drive to where you want to save the recovered folders.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Hard Drive?

When you delete a file from your hard drive, the file does not get erased forever expect for the path to the file. Note: The hard drive should not be overwritten.

  • Install the EaseUS Data Recovery software on your device.
  • Launch the EaseUS Data recovery wizard.
  • All the available disks on your computer will be displayed.
  • Select the partition of the hard drive where you have deleted the files.
  • Click the Scan option for How to Recover Files from Hard Drive with EaseUs. The scanning process begins.
  • The scan time depends on the size of the hard drive.
  • A list of deleted files will be displayed.
  • Once the scanning completes, select the files detected by the software and select Recover.
  • Check the results in the Extra files section.
How to Recover Files from Hard Drive