How to Recover Ignored Files in Recuva

Recover Ignored Files in Recuva

The ignored files can be recovered using the Recuva Software. In case the file is in the Recycle bin, before permanently deleting it, Windows might rename it. In instances like this, the only way to find your file is to list all the deleted files in the Recycle bin and then sort those files by modifying the date and size of the file. Recuva may not be able to recover the overwritten files. Follow the below mentioned steps to know how to recover ignored files in recuva.

Steps to Recover Ignored Files in Recuva

  • First, download and install the Recuva software on the Windows or Mac system.
  • Launch and run the program on your computer
  • The Welcome screen of the Recuva displays on the screen.
  • On the Recuva, Install Dialog box, choose all the option except Install optional Yahoo Tool Bar.
  • Initially, the Recuva brings the Easy to follow the Wizard which guides you to the recovery process. Then, click the Next option.
  • Choose the type of file that you want to recover. In case you are not sure, tap the other option to show all the files, and then click the Next option.
  • On the File location dialog box, choose where the files were located earlier. You are allowed to select certain directories, removable media, and search everywhere on the computer. Then, click the Next option to know how to recover ignored files in recuva.
  • Wait until Recuva scans the system for the deleted files.
  • If you get the results, the files will be displayed in green and red colored dot next to them.
  • The green colored dot indicates that the file can be recovered. The red colored dot indicates that the file recovery might be slow or cannot be recovered.
  • On the Advanced mode option, you can preview the different files found.
  • The best way to recover the deleted files is by performing a deep Scan. This option will find the deleted data, even if it is emptied from the Recycle bin.
  • The Files cannot be recovered if they are corrupted, securely deleted, or overwritten.
How to Recover Ignored Files in Recuva

How to Recover Ignored Files During Recovery

Why did Recuva Ignore some of the Files During Recovery

While recovering the deleted files from the Windows or Mac system, the Recuva software might have ignored a few files to recover. Chances are there that you would have missed selecting all the files. Generally, Recuva uses two-scan method besides the deep scan process. The first scan includes analyzing your computer and finding the files which the Recuva can recover. To know how to recover ignored files in recuva follow the second scan for analyzing the chances of successful recovery of those files. If you are stopping with the first scan, Recuva will not display the information about the files. Only after the second scan, you will be allowed to view the files which Recuva has found. But you can’t rely on the status information as it will not be as accurate as the full scan information. The Deep scan process is a long one. Though the time taken by the deep scan is longer, Recuva will efficiently identify the most important files and recover it. Recuva doesn’t recognize overwritten files, and so if the file you are searching for is overwritten, it will be ignored.