How To Recover Lost Password On A Mac?

If you forgot your Mac password and want to recover it, then there are plenty of easy methods to resolve this problem. Follow the simple methods below to recover lost password on a Mac easily.

  • But before going through these methods, try these simple solutions first.
  • Re-check that you have typed your password correctly. 
  • Check if the Caps Lock button is turned off.
  • Try to log in without typing any password.
  • If you have changed the password recently and the new one isn’t working, try to log in using the old password.
Recover Lost Password On A Mac

Reset Using Your Apple ID

Usually, macOS users have the option to reset an account password using an active Apple ID that is linked to their account. This will help the user to reset the password for any account type.

By default, this will be activated. If it is not activated, then you can activate password reset by:

  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Click on Users & Groups.
  • Click the checkbox next to Allow the user to reset the password using Apple ID.

Resetting Apple ID

  • Firstly, restart your Mac.
  • Type in the wrong password more than once. 
  • The third time in the login window, you will view a hint for your password with an option to reset your account password using Apple ID.
  • Click the arrow key.
  • Type your Apple ID and its password.
  • Hit the  Reset Password button.
  • A warning pop-up will appear.  
  • Now, press the OK option to proceed further.
  • Type a new password and set up a hint for your new password.
  • Again, click on Reset Password to confirm.
  • If these steps doesn’t work, click on the call button to get assistance from our technical experts to recover lost password on a Mac.