How to Recover SSD Data

How to Recover SSD Data

  • The Solid State Drive is one of the most common portable devices used these days.
  • The SSD has interconnected chips that are arranged in the motherboard.
  • They often lead to the damaged hard drive, Virus/Malware, or handling damages.
  • The most common symptoms for an SSD recovery are corrupted with bad block, which prevents access to any files in the device. 
  • In some rare cases, the SSD can become a read-only device and becomes impossible to rewrite any data.
How to Recover SSD Data

Recovering data using Command Prompt

  • You can recover SSD data by using the command prompt.
  • Launch Windows on your computer.
  • Search for Command Prompt in the search bar.
  • Run the command prompt as an administrator.
  • Type chkdsk F:/ in the command prompt window, click Enter.
  • You can replace F with the drive letter of the SSD where you want to recover data from)
  • Type Y and click enter to proceed and type F again.
  • Type F:\>attrib -h-s /s /d *.* and click Enter. (Replace F with the drive of the device you want to recover data from).
  • Following these steps will recover your lost data into a newly generated folder in your device.
  • The file extension can be changed when the files are available in the standard format.
Recovering data using Command Prompt

Recovering data using Third Party Applications

  • If the command prompt option does not come to good use, it is always an excellent option to download and install some useful third-party applications to your Windows or MAC.
  • Some well-known third-party applications that can be helpful are 
  • Recoverit
  • Systools
  • Disk drill

The above three applications follow the same steps. Download and install either of the three applications mentioned above.

Let us see Recoverit for example.

  • Launch the application, and the Recoverit windows will open.
  • The application displays a set of options, select Data Files Recovery.
  • Select your drive and click Start. 
  • On doing so, it starts to scan the lost data and files.
  • The initial scan will not show you any lost data of your Solid State Drive.
  • Scan the drive with All-Round Recovery, and it will scan for all the files present in the drive.
  • The Recoverit windows will display a file view option on the left pane.
  • You can have a preview of any data.
  • The list will open with a checkbox option.
  • You can either select one each or select all to recover the data from the SSD drive.
  • Download the Recoverit Data Recovery to retrieve your data.
  • The SSD will save all the data in the designated folder you assigned.
  • You can prevent the corruption of your SSD drive by updating the firmware.