How to Retrieve Data from Unreadable Hard Disk with TestDisk?

How to Recover Unreadable Hard Disk Data using TestDisk ?

  • TestDisk helps to know How to Retrieve Data from Unreadable Hard Disk. Initially, install the TestDisk software on your computer. The TestDisk software is available online for free.
  • Now, locate & open the software. Run the application. It will prompt you to run the TestDisk software as the administrator, or with the permission of the administrator.
  • Choose run as administrator. Tap the No Log option, press the Enter key on your keyboard, and then proceed to the next step.
  • In the next page, you will find a set of hard disk folders. Find the folder in which you want to perform the recovery process and select it.
  • Click the Proceed option, choose the particular table type, and then press the Enter key to save the changes. Select Analyze--> Quick Search. A set of valid hdfs or NTFS partitions are displayed. To identify which folder contains the data, press the P key.
  • The list of files that contain the data is displayed. Select & copy the folder that contains the data you want to recover. Create a folder on your computer and paste the copied folder in it.
  • Now the recovered files will be available in the folder you have created.

How to Recover Unreadable Data from External Hard Drive ?

  • Recovering data from an unreadable hard disk using the TestDisk software is quite easy when compared to other recovery methods. TestDisk is a recovery software available online for free, and it helps you to know How to Retrieve Data from Unreadable Hard Disk that have been lost accidentally, deleted, or corrupted.
  • Before you begin the recovery process, ensure that your computer has the TestDisk software installed. If the software is not found, then you have to install it from the official page of TestDisk.
  • To download it, first of all, log into the official page of the software on your computer. Tap the Download button under the TestDisk Data Recovery tab.
  • The best thing about this software is that you need not install it on your computer. The downloaded file is available in the apk file format, so you need to extract the folder and then perform the further recovery process.
  • Now, connect the unreadable hard disk with your computer using a USB cable, and then Run the application.
  • A command prompt window shows up on the screen. Click the Create option displayed in the screen, and using arrow keys, choose the hard disk from which you want to recover the lost data. In the next page, select the partition table type. It is advised to select the Intel/PC partition. Tap Analyze, and click Quick Search followed by Continue to find How to Retrieve Data from Unreadable Hard Disk with Testdisk.
  • The recovery process begins. Create a folder in your computer to save the recovered file. Click Okay when you are prompted to select a folder. Finally, open the folder to check if all your data have been recovered.

How can I Recover Unreadable Data on My Laptop by using TestDisk ?

  • If an unreadable data is in a readable drive, the first step is to format the entire drive.
  • Copy all the readable files from the respective drive to a new one and then start formatting.
  • After formatting, launch the TestDisk software on your system.
  • The system should recognize the drive. Later, choose the media type from the list.
  • Select the Analyze option to detect the files and the lost partition structure.
  • Make use of the Quick Search option to recover all the files in the particular drive.
  • Data in the Directory displays on the Testdisk Utility screen to know How to Retrieve Data from Unreadable Hard Disk.
  • It displays the file size, format, and modified date of the file.
  • If you cannot find the file in the displayed list, do a Deeper search to get all the files. Press the P key to check if your files are listed.
  • The destination folder you have specified will contain the recovered files.
How to Retrieve Data from Unreadable Hard Disk