How To Reveal Hidden Files On Mac?

The latest Mac OS versions are way faster then the previous versions and you will find an easy way to reveal the invisible folders and files on your Mac computer. You can make the hidden folders and files visible in an instant. These hidden folders are the system-level items that are used for configuration or hidden for an average user. You will need to know about how to reveal hidden files on mac in case you want to unhide them, this page will be helpful for you. Now we have several methods for you to reveal the hidden Files on your Mac computer. Follow the steps as described below. Usually, the Library folder is the only folder that will be hidden in your Mac computer.

How To Reveal Hidden Files On Mac?

Using Finder:

  • On your Mac computer, click the Finder option in the Dock.
  • Navigate to the Mac HD folder located on the left side of the Finder window.
  • Click the home option.
  • Press the shortcut keys: Command + Shift + dot.
  • The hidden files will be visible.
  • Now, if you want to hide the files, press the same shortcut keys.

There is also an alternate method to make the files visible on your Mac computer.

  • Open the Finder window.
  • Hold the Alt key and select the Go option located at the Menu bar at the top.
  • You will see the hidden Library folder (~/Library/).
  • You can now simply drag the Library folder from the Finder to the Finder sidebar.

Terminal window:

Steps to know how to reveal hidden files on mac computer as follows.

  • Open the Applications window on your Mac.
  • Locate and open the Terminal Window.
  • Now, type the following commands in the Terminal Window.
  • $ defaults write AppleShowAllFiles true
  • $ killall Finder
  • Press the Return button after typing each command.
  • If you want to hide the files back, you have to enter the following commands.
  • $ defaults write AppleShowAllFiles false
  • $ killall Finder. If you have any further queries regarding how to reveal hidden files on Mac computer, click the call Us button.