How To Unlock A Hard Drive?

How To Unlock A Hard Drive

It can be a pain when you come to know the hard drive on your Windows computer is locked. The hard drive getting locked can be a form of a Windows error and you have to either install or restore the operating system from a recovery media or reboot the computer.When it occurs, you could see the hard drive locked message on a blue screen called the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Here we shall see the methods to know how to unlock a hard drive.

Method 1: Turn On Windows In Safe Mode

If you want to check if the BSOD is caused because of a hardware issue, you can run the Windows in safe mode.

  • Turn off your PC.
  • Locate and press the power button to turn on the PC.
  • The Automatic repair window will open. Click Restart.
  • Select the Troubleshoot option on the next page and then select the advanced options.
  • Select the option Startup Settings.
  • You can select the option to Enable safe mode by pressing the assigned number from the keypad.
  • Restart the computer and see if the BSOD still appears. Then move on to the next steps to know how to unlock a hard drive.

Method 2: Dead Display

  • The BSOD can also be caused if the Windows 10 Operating System is not detecting your display.
  • The best way to fix the dead display is to force wake the display using the shortcut keys, Ctrl + Shift + B.
  • The selection will try to wake your Windows 10 display from hibernation.

Method 3: Defective Video Card

  • Click the Windows icon on the desktop, type Device manager in the search bar, and press the enter button.
  • The Device manager window will open.
  • Navigate to the Device adapters option and choose the display adapter from the list.
  • Right-click on the display adapter option, then click the Uninstall device option from the list.
  • Once the device is uninstalled, right-click on the option and select scan for hardware changes from the list.
  • Once the hardware change is complete, right-click on the device and click the Update Driver option.

Method 4: System File Check

  • The main function of the System File check is to scan for corrupted files and replace them with the proper versions that match the Windows.
  • Press the shortcut keys Windows + R to open the Run command, type cmd in the field, and press the Enter button. Then move on to the next steps to know how to unlock a hard drive.
  • The Command prompt will be seen.
  • Enter the following command, sfc /scannow, and press the Enter button.
  • Wait for a minute until the scan is complete and restart the computer.

Method 5: Perform Bootrec

  • Open the Run command with the shortcut key (Windows + R).
  • Type CMD in the Run command field and press the Enter button.
  • Now, you have to enter the following commands one by one and then press the Enter button at the end of each command.
  • bootrec /RebuildBcd
  • bootrec /fixMbr
  • bootrec /fixboot

Once you have run each of the commands, you have to type Exit and press the Enter button.

Method 6: System Restore

  • A system restore is the best method to implement if you find the hard drive locked.
  • You have to boot from a disk or a USB drive.
  • Select the option to Repair your computer.
  • You have to select the Restore option. You have to select the recent date to know when the system was working properly.
  • Now, you have to run the wizard. Restart the computer and the system will boot properly.

Now check if you how to unlock a hard drive by clearing the hard drive locked error message.