How to Use Ibeesoft Data Recovery

How To Use Ibeesoft Data Recovery

As the name indicates, iBeesoft Data Recovery is a software that is used to recover your deleted, lost, or formatted files. Please carry out the following instructions to make use of iBeesoft Data Recovery

How to Use Ibeesoft Data Recovery

Step 1. Choosing the file types that you wish to recover:

  • When you launch the iBeesoft Data Recovery application on your device, all the file types will be automatically selected (by default) for recovery.
  • In case you wish to recover only particular file types, you can deselect/uncheck the other file types.
  • After choosing the file types, click the Startbutton.
  • You can also make use of the All File Types option. You can utilize this option to choose a file type that is not in the list of five common file types that iBeesoft displays.

Step 2. Choosing a location for scanning or finding data:

  • Choose a location to scan for the missing data. It can be any drive partition on your device.
  • The iBeesoft Data Recovery tool will now begin scanning the partition that you have specified.
  • The search for the lost/deleted data will also be performed on the entire hard drive or the storage devices (external).
  • The recovery tool will then display a list of all the searched items.
  • Now, you have to select the system partition such as your desktop, libraries, favorites, etc., to look for the lost data.

Step 3. Previewing and then recovering the lost files:

  • Perform the Quick Scan. The current window will now show the scan results.
  • You will now be taken to the Deep Scan option. This option is used to scan for more data.
  • On the left of your main window, you will find a tree-shaped directory. This directory allows you to view your lost files.
  • You will have the chosen folder on the left. The middle section of your window will display the files and folders that come under the chosen folder. Additional information about these files and folders will also be displayed on your screen.
  • Now, the right section of the same window will show a thumbnail and information for the particular file that you have selected in the middle section of the window.
  • In case you cannot find or open some of the lost files after performing the Quick Scan , go to the top section of the window. Here, you will see the Deep Scan option.
  • Click this option to find more data.
  • Since the Deep Scan option will be scanning all the sectors, the process will take quite some time. You need to wait patiently for the scanning process to be completed.
  • Finally, select the files from the scan result and click the Recover button.
  • In the dialog window that opens, you have to select the destination to save the restored files.
  • Finally, click the Save button to complete the How to Use Ibeesoft Data Recovery process.