How to Recover Corrupted Files with Recuva

How to Use Recuva to Recover Corrupted Files

Recuva is an application that you can use to recover the deleted files. The data can be in any form such as music, images, videos, documents, etc. You can retrieve them from the hard drive, USB drive, memory card, smart devices, etc. It is a freeware where you can download and start using it to know How to Recover Corrupted Files with Recuva.

How to Recover Corrupted Files with Recuva

Steps to Run Recuva

  • Launch the Recuva application on your device.
  • On the Wizard that is launched, access the Advanced mode.
  • Click on Options and pick the Actions tab from the Options Dialog Box.
  • Choose the Scan option for the undeleted file and press Ok.
  • On clicking OK, the application will run the scan option normally.

There are different stages in the recovery process

Regular Recovery Process:

Windows does not overwrite the MFT ( Managed File Transfer ) until it has a need to re-use the same. But, Recuva scans the MFT for the files that were marked as deleted. The regular recovery process will display the data that are related to the deleted file, which in turn will help you in the recovery process.

Deep Scan Process:

The Deep Scan Process also uses the MFT to recover the files and its contents. This process verifies every block of the driver and displays all the file that has the same initials as the deleted file. Deep Scan takes some time to How to Recover Corrupted Files with Recuva. If your data is fragmented on the drive, it cannot piece it together.

Recuva’s Two-Scan Method:

The two-scan method is applicable for both Regular Recovery Process and the Deep Scan Process. The first part of the scan analyzes and searches for the file that is to be recovered on your device. The second stage of the scan will let you know the possibility of successful recovery.

Recovered Files From Recuva Not Opening

There are certain reasons behind the file being unviewable after recovery. The files can be corrupted, overwritten, disk fragmented, virus infected, etc. The below given steps can help you to know How to Recover Corrupted Files with Recuva. Recuva will recover whatever is there on the drive. In the case of Deep Scan, the files retrieved will be directly from the block or the clusters. If the file you have recovered does not open, then the data on the disk is also corrupted. Recuva does not make any confirmation or provide any accuracy and veracity about the data. The FAT32 ( File Allocation System ) and the NTFS ( NT or New Technology File System ) will destroy certain elements while deleting the file. This makes the recovery process challenging.

Recuva - Successful Data Recovery But Most Files Are Corrupted

  • Follow the simple procedure to resolve the Files corrupted issue.
  • Launch the Recuva software and choose the location where you want to recover the data. The location can be any file including external devices, lost partitions, etc.
  • Click on the Scan button and the software starts the scanning process.
  • In case you select the Filter option, it finds your file quickly.
  • If you check the checkbox Extra Files, locates the file name or file paths.
  • You can also search for files using the File Name or File Extension.
  • The Recuva application will allow you to preview the recovered files.
  • After viewing the file, press the Recover button to restore the data you want to know How to Recover Corrupted Files with Recuva.
  • Even after this if you are not able to recover the data, then the files have been fragmented or corrupted.

How To Use Recuva To Recover Files On a Corrupted Hard Drive

It is recommended to choose a different location to save the recovered data. This can avoid overwriting that can cause file corruption. If your files were overwritten, their original name could have been changed. You can use Recuva to locate the RAW files. Make sure you do not use the device or file immediately after losing the data. As a next step, before using any recovery application, try locating the file in the Recycle bin. Ensure that you use professional software to recover the lost data.

  • Connect your hard drive to the computer and run the application to find the lost file.
  • Click on the Scan option to know How to Recover Corrupted Files with Recuva and wait until the lost files are displayed.
  • Under the Delete Files, all your deleted files will be displayed.
  • If you click the Drive checkbox, it will load all the lost files on the drive here.
  • The Lost Partition Files will check if the hard drive is fragmented or the partition is deleted.
  • In case you opt for the Extra Files option, all file and paths with similar names will be found.
  • After previewing the lost file, choose the Recover option to restore the data.