How To Use Seagate File Recovery?

The Seagate File Recovery software helps you to recover all deleted or lost files stored on your drive. This recovery software is easy to download, install, and use. The below section explains how to use Seagate File Recovery on Windows & Mac. Before going into the recovery process, first, let’s see how to download and install the Seagate File Recovery software on your computer.

Downloading Seagate File Recovery

  • Go to Seagate’s official support page.
  • Select the Seagate File Recovery software.
  • Click on the Download for software button.
  • In the Recovery Software Download window, click on the TRY IT FREE or BUY LICENSE button below your corresponding OS type.
  • Now, the Seagate File Recovery software will start to download.

Installing Seagate File Recovery

  • Open the Seagate File Recovery software file.
  • Perform the on-screen instructions to complete the recovery software installation.
  • Once the installation is done, open the Seagate File Recovery application.
  • Click on the Gear icon and choose the desired language from the list of suggestions.
  • If you have purchased the full version of the software, then click on the Gear icon and select the License option.
  • Enter your Seagate product license in the given field.
  • Once the software is configured successfully, you can use it to recover the deleted or lost file.
  • Now, let’s see how to use the Seagate File Recovery to recover the lost or deleted file.
How To Use Seagate File Recovery

Recovering Files Using The Seagate File Recovery Software

  • Launch the Seagate File Recovery software.
  • On the main screen, you can find the list of external devices connected to your computer.
  • Choose the device that you wish to scan.
  • Select the Quick scan or Advanced scan option of your desire.
  • Perform the on-screen instructions to start the scan process.
  • Once you complete the software installation, select the file that you wish to recover and click on the right arrow button.
  • Choose the desired location to save the recovered files.
  • You can also preview the files before recovering them.

If you still have doubts regarding how to use Seagate File Recovery, click on the Call button to contact our technical experts.