Ibeesoft Data Recovery Android

Download Ibeesoft Data Recovery Android

If you happen to lose any data on your Android mobile, do not fret, there are several methods to recover the lost data. Using a data recovery app is the simplest method to recover data. You can also recover lost data from the SD card of the mobile device. Read the following steps to learn to use the tool ibeesoft Data Recovery Android.

ibeesoft Data Recovery Android

Recover from Android device:

  • Launch the browser application and visit the official Ibeesoft website.
  • Search the data recovery tool for the Android device and download it on the computer.
  • Switch on the computer and connect it with the mobile device using a USB cable.
  • Once the computer detects the mobile device, navigate to the My Computer directory and check for the mobile device name.
  • The Android mobile prompts after the computer detects. In case the phone does not prompt, go to the Settings app.
  • Select the Application Development menu and choose USB Debugging.
  • Enable the USB Debugging to transfer the files or recover the files.
  • Now, install the downloaded ibeesoft Data Recovery Android tool on the system.
  • After the installation, open the app.
  • When the main window shows up, click the Start button to begin the process.
  • First, a list of drives appears. Select the Android mobile internal storage option.
  • Next, click the Scan button at the top to start scanning.
  • When the scan completes, the files on the mobile memory and the recently deleted files will show up.
  • Choose the files you want to recover and select the Recover button.
  • Once the tool recovers the files of the ibeesoft Data Recovery Android internal memory, do not save them on the mobile, instead save them on the system, because there are chances for the files to get deleted.