Steps For Linux Data Recovery Download

When you accidentally delete a file on the computer or any file is lost due to an error, sometimes, the deleted file stays in the Trash folder from where you can recover it. Otherwise, you can recover the lost files using a third-party application. Continue reading to get Linux data recovery download steps.

Linux Data Recovery Download

Continue to read to know how to recover data on the Linux system.

  • TestDisk is a recovery software or utility for operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • You need to download the TestDisk tool online. Launch the web browser window and visit the official developer website.
  • Find the recovery tool for the Linux system, click the download link to download the recovery tool successfully.
  • Next, open the Terminal window on the screen, enter the command given below, and press the Enter key.
  • sudo apt-get install testdisk
  • Now, the installation of the TestDisk starts. You have to run the command “testdisk”.
  • Following that, read the information on the screen and perform as required in the Terminal window.
  • Once the tool scans the system, choose the drive which you want to recover.
  • Next, select the partition of the drive and choose the action you have to perform from the given options.
  • The recovery tool finds the files from the selected partition or drive.
  • In case you choose Advanced option as the performing action, the software shows the boot options for the recovery of the partition.
  • Click Undelete at the bottom of the window. Now, a list of deleted files appears in the window.
  • Copy the files you want to recover on the system.
  • Follow the guided instructions in the Terminal window to complete the recovery of your lost files. Finally get Linux data recovery download steps