Mac Hard Drive Failure Recovery

Mac Failure Recovery

When the Mac hard drive fails due to physical damage or corrupted files, you have to recover the drive to restore the data stored on it. Read the following section to know the primary reasons causing the drive failure and the various methods to Mac Hard Drive Failure Recovery it.

Causes of the failure:

  • The drive fails when the internal components of the hard drive fail due to the extreme usage or wearing out.
  • If there is any corrupted data on the Mac hard drive, then the drive can fail.
Mac Hard Drive Failure Recovery

Hard drive recovery solutions

Repair using Disk Utility

  • Click the Go menu on the dock, select the Utilities menu, and click Disk Utility.
  • If you cannot find Disk Utility, then use the spotlight icon to search for Disk Utility.
  • When the window opens, click the drive that you want to recover and select the First Aid icon at the top.
  • The system prompt message appears. Now, select the Run button.
  • After the First Aid scan is over, the drive will be repaired.
  • Select Done to close the Disk Utility window.
Hard Drive Failure Recovery Mac

Run the recovery mode

  • Select the Apple menu at the upper left corner and choose the Restart option.
  • Now, as the system restarts, press the Command and R keys together until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Following that, the macOS Utilities window shows up. Choose a suitable menu to perform the recovery.

Use the data recovery tool

  • The easiest method to recover data from the hard drive is to use a third-party recovery tool.
  • Browse and find the best and reliable data recovery application.
  • Go on to download the recovery tool on the Mac system.
  • Next, locate the downloaded file and begin the installation.
  • After installing, launch the recovery tool and select the drive from which you have to recover your data.
  • Select the data for recovery from the list of files and proceed to Mac Hard Drive Failure Recovery.