How To Get McAfee Endpoint Encryption Data Recovery?

McAfee endpoint encryption data recovery

McAfee Endpoint Encryption is a great tool designed to encrypt the data stored on your desktops and laptops. Its primary goal is to protect your devices against the software that can corrupt your computer’s boot files. Continue reading this page to know about the McAfee Endpoint Encryption Data Recovery process briefly. You can recover your data from an encrypted hard drive. However, we can’t ensure that all the data will be recovered from the encrypted hard drive. In the below section, we have performed the McAfee endpoint encryption datas recovery process by decrypting the drive sectors and recovering the data.

*Note: The following instructions are suitable for Windows OS-based computers.

  • Initially, check the integrity of your hard drive using the “chkdsk” command.
  • Next, if you’re trying to recover critical data, create a duplicate of the same and move it to your computer.
  • After doing it, create a removable media called “DETech Standalone bootable removable media” to continue the data recovery process.
  • Create the media and boot your computer using it. (Note: Contact us if you need technical support in creating the removable media.)
  • Check the encrypted disks in the Disk Information section and note them.
  • Make sure that the recovery key is entered correctly.
  • Now, decrypt the workspace of each disk or partition by loading the start and end sectors of it. To do so, first, load the sectors and click the Decrypt Workspace button.
  • Finally, click the Force Crypt/Decrypt sectors.
  • Perform the on-screen instructions.
  • When prompted, click the “Restore MBR and restore the original MBR” option.
  • Wait for the ongoing process to compete.
  • Once it is done, restart your Windows computer and check whether the encrypted data is recovered.

If the encrypted data is not recovered, or you need advanced technical support in performing the McAfee Endpoint Encryption data recovery process, contact our experts by clicking the Call button provided on this page.