Recover Android Data After Factory Reset

Recover Android Data After Factory Reset

If you have reset your Android mobile phone, then make use of any of these methods to recover your data.

Method 1 - Restore From Local Backup:

The local backup is an in-built setup in your Android device. This feature automatically backs up the system settings, contacts, emails, docs, and password data and enables you to restore it after factory reset on your Android device. Here are the steps to back up and restore the data to the Android device.

Back-up The Data:

  • Go to the Settings option and select 'Backup and Restore.'
  • Enable the 'Automatic Backup' option and save the process.

Restore The Data:

  • Go to 'Backup and Restore' on the Settings page.
  • Select 'Restore' and tap on to the backup file created before the factory reset.
  • Wait for the process to complete.

Method 2 - Recover From Google Account:

Back-Up The Data:

  • Click on the Google option in the Settings.
  • Select the 'Backup' section.
  • Enable the 'Backup to Google Drive' and click on the 'Backup now' option.
  • Also, enable 'Automatic restore' and wait for the process to complete.

Restore The Data:

  • Set up the Google account after the factory reset on your device.
  • Try to find the option to restore data while setting the Google account.
  • Select the Restore the data option and Select 'Agree' to fix all the data back to the device.
  • Wait for a few minutes and complete the process.

Method 3 - Recover the Data using Recovery Software:

  • Download and install any recovery software on your PC.
  • Connect your Android phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Once your computer detects the Android phone, open the data recovery software on the computer.
  • Choose your phone and follow the instructions to scan for the files.
  • Once the scan result is displayed, choose the required files and click Restore.
  • Save the recovered files on your computer and later move them to the Android phone.

By following the instructions mentioned above, you can retrieve the lost data from your Android device after the factory reset.